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Tailor-made prostheses & orthoses from the 3D printer

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Tailor-made prostheses & orthoses from the 3D printer

Every human is unique - in their appearance, personality and taste. People choose to express their individuality in a variety of ways such as hairstyles, fashion accessories and labels, the list goes on. Unfortunately, these choices are very limited in the field of prosthetics and orthotics, where wearers have a choice of standard “off the shelf” products or significant cost and lead times for individualised prosthetics or orthotics. 
At Mecuris, we want to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate their individuality by bridging the gap between wearers and custom made products. As a medical startup, we aim to bring the prosthetics and orthotics industry into the digital age. We see ourselves as a collaborative partner of prosthetists and orthotists, making it possible to create patient specific products which emphasise our wearers uniqueness. At the heart of Mecuris is the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP), a free of charge tool available to all CPO’s. With the MSP, individualised products can be created with a few simple clicks, making it simpler than ever to create products individualised in function and appearance., All of our products are manufactured using state of the art laser sintering technology.
Our goal is clear; to increase the quality of life of our wearers. A goal which we can only achieve in collaboration with CPO’s and wearers. Get to know us and our products and challenge us with your ideas. We look forward to revolutionizing the world of prosthetics and orthotics together with you.

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