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Mecuris Solution Platform -
Your digital workspace

On the Mecuris Solution Platform we provide you with a flexibel and intuitive to use software that allows you to create individual orthoses or prostheses online - without prior knowledge of CAD/CAM technologies.

For this purpose, the platform provides you with 3 well-structured digital tools that translate your craft into digital processes:

Mecuris3D Correction - Correct the joint angle of your patient scan
Mecuris3D Modeling - Create all types of positive models
Mecuris3D Creator - Design devices ready for 3D printing

These tools can be used independently or in defined workflows. This gives you complete flexibility to combine digital and traditional processes you see fit.

Optimize your workflows and increase the efficiency of your clinic.

See for yourself - it's easy to get started: Register for free and quickly achieve your first
successes in the free plan.


The individual tools at a glance

Mecuris3D Correction

Mecuris3D Correction

Comfortable for the customer, faster in the process: Now you make the joint correction of patient scans or a scanned positive model in just a few clicks.

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What you can do with the Mecuris3D Correction:


  • Posture correction of positioning & functional orthoses for the lower leg,
    whole leg and hand

  • Scan a patient in a corrected or uncorrected pose and simply correct it digitally

  • Possibility to correct joint angles of existing positive models


Mecuris3D Modeling

Precise and quick: model all types of positive models online: Perpendicular alignment, buildup/ removal, smoothening, mark-up, cutting, joining and measuring, ...

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What you can do with the Mecuris3D Modeling:


  • Create positioning and functional orthoses for lower and upper extremities as well as trunk and head

  • Download a 3D positive model (.stl file), carve or 3D print it

Mecuri3D Modeling

Mecuris3D Creator

Standard orthotics or complex designs: You define and configure the printing file of an orthotics in this tool.

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What you can do with the Mecuris3D Creator:​​

  • Determine a cutting line, select the wall thickness

  • Set slotted and round holes for locking systems

  • Define an area for perforation holes

  • Design the model with various creative patterns

Mecuris3D Creator
Beispiel Workflow

Workflows for the digital creation of orthoses

In addition to the stand-alone use of the tools, predefined overall workflows on the Mecuris Solution Platform guide you step by step to the desired goal: an individual printing file for an orthosis of your design.

We currently offer this option for orthoses of the upper extremities (Mecuris3D ArmSplint) and the lower extremities (Mecuris3D LegSplint).

Simple and intuitive navigation - from uploading the scan file to downloading the final 3D printing file.

Reduce your time & presence in the physical workshop (see graphic below): On average, the digital workflow takes only 45 minutes, experienced users can even do it in under 15 minutes!

Avatar Leg-Arm.gif

How-to create individual devices with the help of your digital lab in a nutshell

MSP Icons (5).png
MSP Icons (4).png
Digitale Orthesen erstellen - erster Schritt der 3D Scan .jpg
Digitale Orthesenwerkstatt - Online individuelle Orthesen erstellen
3D-gedruckte Orthesen - digital erstellt, additiv gefertigt

Step 1:

You conduct the patient interview and make the 3D scan on the patient. You upload the scan to the Mecuris Solution Platform.

Step 3:

Now you decide whether to create a print-ready file of the orthosis directly. Or whether to mill/print the positive model and then continue in the traditional way.

Time savings:
Less time in the workshop -
more time for the patient

Using the Mecuris3D LegSplint workflow as an example, it is easy to measure how much time you save in the digital workshop in direct comparison to the traditional manufacturing process: Around 45 minutes is the average working time for the digital workflow - which means you achieve significantly more effective work processes and have more time for advising patients. And while your product is being 3D printed, you can already start the next project.


Digital workshop








Physical Workshop & manufacturing

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