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Direct Integration: Mecuris Solution Platform accessible via OPIE Anywhere

Mecuris and OPIE Software have teamed up!


Thanks to a direct link between our two robust O&P software platforms, you can now access all the advantages of our CAD software directly from your OPIE Anywhere account.

Are you an OPIE customer or looking into becoming one? Then don't miss out on this opportunity.

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What is OPIE Anywhere?

OPIE Software’s vision is to drive the highest level of patient care and professional reward for Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals worldwide through the integration of advanced information technology, data-driven decisions, and best practices.

OPIE Anywhere, a web-based solution designed to streamline O&P clinic operations, provides a seamless integration with Mecuris:

Direct access to the Mecuris Solution Platform from a patient file stored in OPIE.


Creation of customized O&P devices within a single online workflow.


Possibility to generate comprehensive patient file documentation, including all scan and .stl files.

How does the connection between OPIE Anywhere and Mecuris work?

Through the direct link to the Mecuris Solution Platform, OPIE Anywhere clinicians can accomplish the following:

  • Generate printing files for positive models (orthotics/residual limbs) suitable for milling/carving or 3D printing.

  • Generate printing files for designed orthotics that are ready for 3D printing.

OPIE and Mecuris offer one seamless workflow to create individual orthotics and prosthetic

This process begins with a direct transfer of patient scan(s) from a specific patient file in OPIE Anywhere to the Mecuris Solution Platform. Here, clinicians can proceed with modeling the required device. Once the modifying is complete, the respective file(s) are transferred back to OPIE Anywhere for further processing, documentation, and reimbursement.

How to get started





Reach out to your OPIE representative to sign up for the Mecuris form for your facility.*

Inform your team of the new option.

A designated Customer Success Manager from Mecuris will support you with the onboarding process.

*Reach out to OPIE for more information on the pricing model for accessing Mecuris via OPIE Anywhere.

Up for more good news?

Here, you'll find updates on our charitable initiatives, news, tips about the Mecuris Solution Platform, and much more. Curious?

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