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Digitalize your orthotic & prosthetic manufacturing process with a simple software solution. #You.Create.

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Mecuris - Your partner for digital O&P solutions
Streamline your business in using our flexible CAD/CAM software.

Do you want to create individual O&P products more efficiently? Achieve more treatments in the same time? Integrate digital tailoring flexibly into your existing workflows? 

Then we offer you exactly the right software solution: The Mecuris Solution Platform, your digital workshop.

Mecuris offers three efficient, intuitive and flexible tools, with which you can do a pose correction, model a positive model and define the  orthosis design.



“I'm really excited about how the Mecuris Solution Platform is developing. We've already done a few 3D projects with it, and what I've noticed most is that Mecuris leaves a lot of room for creativity.
So we were also able to implement unusual projects very well!”

Lais Kriwat

Kriwat GmbH

Tools & workflows at a glance: The software for prosthetists/orthotists and medical professionals

We want to support your work, to make your life easier and to speed up the creation of orthotics. 

To achieve this, we translate traditional craftsmanship into digital tools and easy-to-use workflows according to your requirements. These are available to you on our Mecuris Solution Platform. Convince yourself!

Digital tools - complete flexibility for your work

Use each tool individually, depending on your needs and preferences. You decide whether you want only make a pose correction, model a positive model or design an orthotic shell digitally. Each of our software tools can be integrated flexibly into your manual workflow thanks to variable entry and exit options. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of digitization in those jobs that were previously particularly time-consuming for you. Meanwhile, your intuition, expertise and experience remain completely in your hands.

Mecuris3D Correction

Nicht korrigierter Spitzfuss - vor Nutzung der digitalen Haltunskorrektur-Software von Mecuris
Korrigierter Spitzfuss - nach Nutzung der digitalen Haltunskorrektur-Software von Mecuris
Mecuris3D Correction - das einfache CAD CAM Werkzeug zur digitalen Haltungskorrektur fuer Orthopädietechniker

To perform pose correction for upper-, lower extremities, knee and the whole leg.

Mecuris3D Modeling

Korrigierter Spitzfuss - nach Nutzung der digitalen Haltunskorrektur-Software von Mecuris
Digital modelllierte Zweckform einer Orthese

For modeling all kinds of functional forms for upper-, lower extremities, torso and head. 

Mecuris3D Creator

Digital designter Orthesen-Rohling
Digitale Konfiguration einer Orthesenschale

For configuring and designing individual orthoses for lower extremities. Coming soon: upper extremities.

Digital workflows - the fully digital way from scan to orthosis

MSP Icons (5).png
Digitale Werkstatt 3D Scan .jpg
Digitale Orthesenwerkstatt - Online Modellierung.jpg
3D gedruckte Orthesenschale mit der Software von Mecuris
MSP Icons (4).png

Scan your patient and upload the scan to the Mecuris Solution Platform.

Correct, model and design the orthosis digitally.

Download the finished 3D file, print it and fit it to your patient.

The benefits of working digitally...
but where to start?

We want to show you how easy it is to digitize your O&P manufacturing process. From scanning to 3D printing, we'll explain the individual steps of the digital process chain you need to know.

Join one of our upcoming webinars, have a look at our video library or sign up for our e-learning program if you wan to gain a deeper understanding. You will get useful tips & tricks, practical examples, and all of it is free of charge!

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