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Taking responsibility together - Working for better orthopedic care in developing countries together.


We think everyone deserves good orthopedic care! That's why we donate 1 Euro for every download on the Mecuris Solution Platform* to Handicap International projects in Nepal. Let's help!

It's that easy to join in:

Once you've registered on the Mecuris Solution Platform and made a download, you are helping!

1 euro per download on the Mecuris Solution Platform* will then go to a child with disabilities in Nepal. 

1 Download =
1€ for Nepal

*Limited to max. 2,000€/year.

Projects - Rehabilitation & Orthopedics for Nepal

Handicap International (HI) provides access to education in Nepal for children with special educational needs, including children with disabilities. In addition, HI promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in their jobs. HI supports five rehabilitation centers that enable thousands of Nepalese to receive physical therapy or necessary medical equipment, and improves rehabilitation services in earthquake-affected districts.​ Read more about the projects of HI in Nepal here.

© Elise Cartuyvels/HI

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