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Quality standards for safety and performance

For our 3D-printed orthoses and prostheses, we pursue the highest quality standards. The safety and satisfaction of the user is at the heart of our work. In order to meet the requirements and the high safety standards in orthopaedic technology, we ensure the quality of our products during development and beyond. To achieve this, we take various measures along our digital process chain. In the following we would like to give you an understanding of these measures.

Within the product development phase, and partially for every individual item virtual load and function tests and their validation are the core of it all.

In our quality assurance, we not only rely on a high status quo according to current European and US-American guidelines, but also regularly revise our process to meet the very highest quality standards.

Quality across the digital process chain

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Virtual load and functions tests

So-called finite element analyses, accompany our products from the very first design. We have developed these together with our partners and test them continuously in order to constantly improve both our products and our virtual test stands.

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