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Mecuris and OPIE Software Join Forces: Direct Integration of Mecuris' software into OPIE Anywhere

We proudly announce our collaboration with OPIE Software. From now on all tools and workflows of the Mecuris Solution Platform are seamlessly integrated into OPIE Anywhere - the cloud-based product by OPIE. This partnership enhances OPIE's comprehensive practice management solution to O&P care providers across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Mecuris and OPIE join forces and offer one seamless worfklow for OPIE Anywhere customers

Together with OPIE we link our web-based software components

Advancing together! We are teaming up with OPIE Software, a leading provider of software technology and business intelligence for O&P practices in the US, Canada and Australie, to create a powerful alliance. Through a web-based interface, customers of OPIE Anywhere - OPIE Software's cloud-based product - can now seamlessly move from patient records to creating customized O&P devices directly with the tools of the Mecuris Solution Platform. This provides an end-to-end workflow for these clinicians.

Software architecture set to enable seamless workflows

As you know, our goal is to translate traditional processes for creating individual orthotic and prosthetic devices into a user-friendly Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, our Mecuris Solution Platform.

Furthermore, we have employed a software architecture model that allows us to integrate complementary software components to ensure constant growth and optimized processes for our users based on your requirements. This strategic approach paves the way for an interconnected web-based “lab of the future”, and represents significant innovation over the standard file-modification software currently available. As a result, initial collaborations with software development partners such as Trinckle or a first scan-software provider – TechMed – were implemented. Through the direct integration with OPIE Anywhere, an important partnership has been established, enabling an end-to-end workflow that adds value to the user journey of a practitioner.

Collaboration supports customers to access fully integrated digital workflows

OPIE Software offers a comprehensive healthcare IT solution for the orthotic and prosthetic profession, streamlining patient visits, health records, workflow, billing, and practice management. The direct integration between OPIE's practice management software platform, and our Mecuris Solution Platform, transforms the O&P workflow. Practitioners using OPIE Anywhere can now seamlessly transition from patient records and appointments to creating customized orthotic and prosthetic devices, all within one environment. The synergy between OPIE and Mecuris ensures that these users have a streamlined experience focused on patient care and documentation quality.

Paul Prusakowski, CEO/CPO and founder of OPIE Software, emphasizes the significance of this joint effort, stating, "We see this collaboration as a huge opportunity for our customers to integrate, and benefit from, digital workflows in their daily business."

Wolf-Peter Werner, co-founder and CEO at Mecuris, adds, "The core of our approach has always been to offer users the greatest possible flexibility. This refers to the use of scanners as well as to the choice of their exit points. One user might want to choose the hybrid approach, have his positive mold carved and rely on his/her craftsmanship to produce a device. Another user wants to 3D print a device but wants the freedom to choose where to print it - via his/her preferred C-Fab or inhouse. The same holds true for the choice of practice management/ERP systems implemented in a clinic. At Mecuris, we operate worldwide. For the US we are absolutely thrilled to work together with OPIE Software and are keen to see us grow together with each development step our companies achieve in the future."

Are you curious how this interface works? Sign up for the recording of our webinar, where we show you the whole process, benefits and the works. Or schedule a demo with an OPIE colleague to learn more on OPIE Anywhere.


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