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Let's shape the future together!


Every person is unique - that's why we want to support you in your pursuit of providing individualized care for every patient who needs a medical aid. Efficiently, economically, and also across international borders

Let us make your work easier through digital tools, so you can apply your expertise where it’s needed. Let’s go on a path together where  we’ll jointly increase the users’ quality of life through individualized medical aids.

The Digitalization of O&P

We’re at a transition point in orthotic and prosthetic care. We’re moving our efforts forward. Away from "off the shelf" standard products to highly customized care.

Making the most of the digital process chain

O&P is opening up to the possibilities of digital processes, and the general conditions are also adapting more and more: Medical supply stores can already acquire good 3D scanners inexpensively. Milling and 3D printing centers are available throughout the country for the production of high-quality aids.

CAD/CAM technology for everyone

Now it’s time to take full advantage of these opportunities in a digital value chain. The intuitive CAD/CAM software of our Mecuris Solution Platform offers medical supply stores of all sizes an easy entry into digitalization. It’s important for us to listen closely to your requirements. We’ll  provide you with the best possible digital services.  Design files for customized orthotics or milling blanks yourself in just a few minutes on the Mecuris Solution Platform - your digital workshop. 
Don’t take our word for it, convince yourself!

The Mecuris Team

Our international team consists of nearly 20 employees from a wide range of disciplines: Physicians, engineers, IT specialists, economists, designers and communicators.

Together we’re developing the medical technology of tomorrow, today. We’red looking forward to revolutionizing the world of orthotics together with you.


Our history


The idea is born

At the Frauenhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Jannis Breuninger is researching additively manufactured prosthetics, while Dr. Simon Weidert in Munich is working on 3D-printed orthotics. Both will later be part of Mecuris' founding team.


We believe that EVERY person deserves good orthopedic care. Therefore, for every download on the Mecuris Solution Platfrom, we’re donating 1 Euro to Handicap International in Nepal.

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