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Set up your digital lab in mere minutes.

By choosing the Mecuris Solution Platform, you are opting for a flexible and intuitive software solution. With this solution, you can optimize your internal processes and make them more efficient for your clinic. All of this without any initial investment. Start your digital future with us now:

Free software: The registration and use of our software is free of charge. You'll automatically start in the Free plan with 5 downloads per month and a storage space of 250GB.

Flexible pricing structure: As soon as you increase your business and go fully digital, you can adjust your download/storage quota to suit your needs.

Quick start: Interactive tours, how-to videos, and a hands-on E-Learning enable quick wins.

Now it's just a matter of signing up & getting started! Just follow these three steps:

Open the Mecuris Solution Platform and register for free.

We send you an email,
you set your password.
Check your spam folder if necessary.

Now you have unlimited access to all tools:

You start in the Free Plan.
This provides you with 5 free downloads and a storage space of 250 GB per month.


MSP Screen.png
MSP Screen.png




We'll get you ready to go!

For more questions about the software or how you can use it for your clinic, please book a personal meeting.

In addition, we offer you many additional options on the platform itself to get started quickly and successfully:

MSP Screen_Help.png

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started using our software and working digitally.

Therefore, after registration, we invite you to get to know all the basic functions of the software in an interactive introductory tour "Create an orthosis in 15 minutes".

In addition, short tours, how-to videos, tips & tricks are available to you at any time in the help center.

In detail, we explain each tool and function in our free E-Learning program. This covers the areas of software, scanning and digital manufacturing and gives you a good overview of all the processes involved in working digitally.

The program is available to you free of charge and can be interrupted or resumed at any time. You can access the e-learning program via the Mecuris Solution Platform.

US-colleagues can also earn up to 8 CEU's in completing this program.

One solution for all.

Posture correction, digital plaster room, customized design - the Mecuris Solution Platform offers you three valuable tools your workspace has been waiting for.

Start with the Free Plan (includes 5 monthly downloads)

Videos, tips & step-by-step instructions are always at hand

Stay flexible: you decide how digital/traditional you work

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