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Free Mecuris E-Learning: A flexible training program for our software

We are pleased that you have decided to use Mecuris' simple and intuitive software solution. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and have developed an on-demand E-Learning program for this purpose.

We show you in informative videos how you can work directly with tools and functions of the software and achieve your first successes. This content is supplemented by many practical tips from our experts. 

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Choose from four modules:

Module 1

3D Scanning

Scanning in different positions, specialties when scanning children, and different scanner options - what are the best options?

We provide practical examples and give you expert tips.

1.75 CEU's


Module 2


Module 3


Digitally creating positive models of any kind - whether applying material, smoothing certain areas, merging something,.. Learn how to make the most of digital tools

2.75 CEU's

Converting finished positive models into digital orthosis blanks in mere minutes: Determining wall thickness, setting a cutting line & patterns - we show you how it's done.

1.75 CEU's

Module 4


Providing you with all the information you need to know about 3D printing in orthopedic technology.

We'll show you different materials,

techniques and manufacturing partners.

1.75 CEU's

Depending on your prior knowledge, you will have the opportunity to learn or deepen your skillset. We have recorded the videos for this program for you so that you can start, pause or resume the program at any time. 

Get started now! 

3 Steps to enter the free Mecuris E-Learning:

1.  Login or register for free on the Mecuris Solution Platform

2. Click on the E-Learning section in the menu bar

3. Select desired modules & get started

Starting- & Finishing-Bonuses:  For registering for the E-Learning, you will receive 5 downloads for free as a small motivation. Those who successfully complete the e-learning will be rewarded with another 10 free downloads. Furthermore, you can earn up to 8 CEU's when completing the whole program [Learn more]. So what are you waiting for?

7 Reasons why you should take the E-Learning

You don't want to relearn your craft, but you want to find ways to provide your patients with even more efficient individual care and take the time pressure out of it? Don't wait any longer and add digital tools to your physical workbench.  

Here come 7 great reasons why you should sign up today:

1.  We provide the content - you decide when and how you learn.

2.  Extensive practical knowledge - just right for you and your colleagues.

3.  Working digitally does not mean a loss of quality - we explain why.

4.  Digital and traditional tools can be combined - learn how.

5.  Sequential lessons guarantee success for beginner to pro.

6.  Knowledge creates progress. Progress means future. Don't miss your chance!

7.  100% free of charge.

Don't forget:  At the end of the successful E-Learning, you will receive an individual certification from us as proof of your new skills.

As a reminder, here are the 3 steps to get into the E-Learning:

1.  Login or register for free on the Mecuris Solution Platform

2. Click on the E-Learning section in the menu bar

3. Select desired modules & get started

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