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One tool extra: Mecuris GmbH launches digital orthotic workshop for the configuration of orthoses

We are pleased to be able to provide you with the "digital orthotic workshop" on the "Mecuris Solution Platform" with immediate effect. The new tool provides CPOs with a simple, intuitive and time-saving way of either creating orthoses completely starting from a scan or using partial steps in a digital workflow. The new orthotic workshop complements the digital prosthetic workshop, which can already be used to design individual prosthetic covers and feet.

Individual orthoses and time-efficient production - no longer a contradiction

CPOs are inherently tinkerers and craftsmen who want to provide their customers with individual and optimal care. Fitting orthotics often accounts for the majority of a CPOs’ work. It is precisely in this segment where a particularly high degree of individuality is required. If the orthosis pinches, chafes or even hurts, it is poorly accepted by the wearer and only reluctantly worn. However, great cost and time pressure, as well as strong competition, prevent CPOs´ from being able to meet this demand in the way they would like to. For example, a health insurance company only pays rigid rates for clearly defined medical aids, but not every patient equally fits those definitions. If the CPO spends more time on customizing his products, he can no longer cover the costs.

It is precisely this dilemma that the digital orthotic workshop provides a solution. By translating traditional process steps into digital workflows, the orthoses is not only individually designed but also, manufactured faster. At least for "standard cases".

In cooperation with CPOs from ORTHOtechnik Rummelsberg, we have analysed classic process steps and translated them into digital workflows. As a result, orthoses can not only be individually designed, but also produced more quickly. Especially for "standard cases", we offer medical supply stores a valuable alternative in the production process of a night splint. Taken all this into consideraton, it was a logical consequence for us to expand the Mecuris Solution Platform in the field of orthotics. This is an area where the industry can benefit particularly strong from the support provided by our digital services. Traditional manufacturing process

How CPOs can benefit from the platform becomes clear in a direct comparison with the traditional manufacturing process. The latter is comparatively time-consuming: Following an anamnesis, the CPO first takes a plaster cast. This he then converts into a posture-corrected positive and processes the plastic for the splint around this so-called functional form. Following up are the post-processing steps with the application of the closures before fitting the orthosis to the patient. In addition to time, as a cost factor, the amount of materials, waste production and energy consumption of the machines in the physical workshop are comparatively higher than to the digital creation workflow and 3D printing.

What does the digital orthotic workshop have to offer?

For the digital orthotic workshop, Mecuris has translated the traditional working steps for creating orthoses into digital workflows and tools. These are made available in the digital orthotic workshop on the Mecuris Solution Platform. Instead of a plaster cast, a 3D scan of the respective body part is made. It accurately reads the user's shape and transmits it to the software. On the Mecuris Solution Platform, the CPO can now create and adjust the splint digitally. He is guided step by step through the work processes.In comparison to other software providers on the market, the selection of digital tools available in our solution is deliberately kept well organized and straightforward. This allows for immediate use without a long training period. Certain procedures are also partially automated with the aid of Mecuris’ algorithms. That means that a CPO can choose whether to simply check the result of a single partially automated procedure or to apply the digital tools himself. Together with the patient, the CPO then selects the desired design for the splint before it is manufactured for a precise fit using 3D printing. This digital workflow allows the working time in the physical workshop to be reduced by up to 60 percent. At the same time, energy and material consumption are also reduced.

The Mecuris Solution Platform can easily be used online without the need to install any software beforehand. Together with the particularly attractive terms of use - ranging from a pay-per-use model to low-cost licensing models - this enables every medical supply store to make an easy entry into the digital world.

Innovation through cooperation

In order for this kind of digital service to be created and function at all, we rely on a strong network of development and production partners.

Integrated into an optimally synchronized digital value chain - from software and product development to production - the digital workflow offers even more advantages: Through a network of strong partners, especially in the field of industrial 3D printing, the CPO benefits from bundled expertise, which he or she automatically makes use of. EOS, the world's leading technology provider in industrial 3D printing, is a valuable research and development partner for Mecuris. EOS contributes its vast experience in medical 3D printing applications. Mecuris thus always has access to the latest results and innovations in certified materials, systems, and processes. Together with certified printing centers, such as Formrise GmbH, these defined systems are brought to the EOS machines in order to achieve high-quality printing and optimal finishing.

Based on these partnerships, your input and your feedback, we are developing the solutions of the future today. Click in now and find out more about our digital workshop


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