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Digital Workshop for Orthotics and Prosthetics

You master every handgrip perfectly. You know exactly what to do. And now, all of this is supposed to be obsolete? Not at all. Mecuris, as a digital service provider, offers you the possibility of creating individual orthoses or prostheses online - , saving you time and money. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of digitalization without having to sacrifice your tact and expertise.

To this end, we cross-over the traditional craftsmanship into digital tools, workflows and patient-specific products according to the requirements of certified prosthetists orthotists. You can use these on the Mecuris Solution Platform. Integrate them sensibly into your proven manufacturing process as you need it. The Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) covers two digital production areas -  the Orthotic and Prosthetic Workshop.

> Simple & intuitive - no previous knowledge of 3D technologies necessary, it’s semi-automated
Online-based - no installation necessary, support available at any time
> Economical - less working time, less material and energy consumption, attractive for the next generation of talents
> Integrative - customer loyalty thanks to user co-creation of the products
> Up to date - permanent adaptation to qualitative, safety-relevant or legal changes

The advantages of Mecuris Solution Platform


Bring the future into your workshop!

  1. Register for free

  2. Contact by our service team and authorisation as user

  3. Use of the Prosthetic Workshop: possible directly after approval of your user account

  4. Use of the Orthotic Workshop: possible immediately after a virtual live training

Mecuris Solution Platform

Orthotic Workshop

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Step by step to your 3d printed aid

Denise Schindler

Paralympic Cyclist


Digital Orthotic Workshop

Intuitive, time-saving and sustainable

In the orthotic workshop we provide you with digital workflows and tools for creating splints.

You will be guided step by step through the workflows. The selection of digital tools is deliberately kept as small as possible. Thus, everything remains clearly structured for you and you save tedious training time. In addition, single working steps are partially automated with the help of Mecuris algorithms. You can decide whether you want to use digital tools yourself or just check the results of the single working steps.

The digital process chain: From 3D scan to 3D printed orthosis


& 3D Scan

3D Modeling

3D Configuration

Finishing & Fitting

Digital Orthotic Workshop

You can use the tools in the Digital Orthotic Workshop as a complete process. At the end of will hold a finished, 3d-printed splint in your hand. You do not need to have any know-how in 3D printing, because we take care of the printing process through our certified printing service providers. However, in order to offer you a flexible solution, it is also possible to use individual tools in sub-processes. After each step, you can download the processed data and integrate it in your initial production process.

The digital tools at a glance:

Starting point is a 3D scan of the user. In the first step the scan file is uploaded to the platform and captured. In order to use the uploaded scan for further processing, reference points must first be set. Thereby, it is explained step by step at which position the references have to be set.

Upload Scan &
Set Reference Points

Advantages at a glance

> Simple & intuitive use

Very short training period

Saves time and material

> High reproducibility

Online: No installation necessary, mobile working possible

How can I use the Digital Orthotic Workshop

You would like to expand your physical workshop with our digital orthosis workshop? Then contact us now by phone or via the contact form. 
Our service team will be pleased to be at your disposal for an initial consultation. In a follow-up appointment, we will show you all the important functions of the Digital Orthotic Workshop in a live demonstration. 

Mecuris Solution Platform

Orthotic Workshop

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3d-printed Orthotics as an example

Night Splint
Special solutions

Digital Prosthetic Workshop

individual, 3D-printed, integrative

In the Mecuris prosthesis workshop you can configure prosthetic feet for adults and children as well as highly individual prosthesis covers in just a few steps. The goal for the digital workflows is to each the highest possible degree of individuality and to serve niches in prosthetics as well.
The individual values and dimensions of the respective user entered on the Mecuris Solution Platform are checked in the background of the platform and validated for safety. In this way, you can offer your customers high-quality, unique products using state-of-the-art technology.

What does the digital prosthesis workshop offer?

> Digitally developed & additively printed -

optimized interaction of a digital production chain

> Customizable & tailor-made

Prosthetic feet for adults and children and highly individual prosthesis covers. An individual solution for every user

> Legally compliant custom-made products

CE compliant & ISO certified

> Niche solutions -

from partial cosmetics for high, flexible feet to individual prosthetic feet for children. Challenge us - we will find a solution for your challenges

Step by step to the individual prosthesis foot or prosthesis cover

The digital tools at a glance:

Advantages at a glance

> Simple & intuitive to use

Very short training period

No searching in the catalog

> High reproducibility

Web-based work: No installation necessary

ISO-tested end products with CE(-marking)

How can I use the Digital Orthotic Workshop

You would like to expand your physical workshop with our digital prosthesis workshop? Then register now free of charge on our Mecuris Solution Platform. We would be happy to advise you personally and show you our digital workshop in a demo.

3D-printed prosthetic feet as an example

Mecuris FirStep
Mecuris NexStep

3D-printed prosthetic cosmetics as an example



& 3D Scan



3D Manufacturing


Digital Prosthetic Workshop

Anamnesis / Scan

For the creation of an individual, 3D-printed prosthetic foot or prosthetic cosmetics take the measurements.

In the case of the creation of prosthetic cosmetics, we also need a scan, which enables us to recognize the structure of the prosthesis and adjust the shape. Ideally, you should even make a scan of the healthy leg so that we can reproduce the morphological shape as well as possible. You then upload the scan to the platform as a first step.

Mecuris Solution Platform

Orthotic Workshop

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