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3D-printed ankle cosmetics for the Pro-Flex® from Össur*


Our flexible ankle cosmetic is a partial cosmetic that closes the gap between foot and calf cosmetics for high and very flexible prosthetic feet. Cracks and fractures in conventional market solutions and wear in the ankle area of high-quality flexible prosthetic feet are a thing of the past.

Color matching and perfect fitting

The choice from a wide range of colors enables the CPO to tailor together with the wearer the cover for the individual needs of the existing cosmetic treatment. Laser precision in a high-quality 3D printing process from the aerospace industry prints the cover to an accuracy of tenths of a millimetre and fits with its precisely "noses" at the lower edge onto the foot cosmetics of the Pro-Flex® from Össur (*without unity pump).

The Mecuris ankle cover at a glance

For whom is the Mecuris ankle cover suitable?

These are the advantages of Mecuris’ Ankle Cosmetics

Facts about ordering, printing, quality, prices and technical instructions:

Flexible Ankle Cosmetics - simply ordered

The Mecuris ankle cover can be color matched and easily ordered via the Mecuris Solution Platform. Order now.

Facts and figures for the medical professional

The Mecuris Solution Platform provides you with all the latest information: 

> Prices 

> Technical instructions 

> Dimension sheets

Facts and figures for the wearer

Our products are made by a certified CPO on the Mecuris Solution Platform. You don't have a partner at hand yet?


Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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