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The easy-to-use modeling software from Mecuris for your "digital plaster positive model".

Work faster and more effectively: The approach of digitizing certain steps in orthopedic technology only makes sense if all components fit together. What good is a 3D scan and the best 3D printer if the medical professional in between has no way to digitally create the envisioned orthosis itself? A powerful software that allows the orthotist to use his/her expertise digitally is crucial. This is why Mecuris' intuitive software is used for digital pose correction, modeling of a functional form and even autonomous configuration of an orthosis.

Intuitive orthosis software as a link between 3D scanning and 3D printing

At Mecuris, we translate your craft into a CAD software that is as easy and intuitive to use as possible. You can use it completely without prior 3D technology knowledge - our Mecuris Solution Platform. From pose correction (Mecuris3D Correction) to functional form modeling (Mecuris3D Modeling) to the configuration of orthoses (Mecuris3D Creator). On our platform, we offer you the opportunity to get started with digital work as quickly as possible using clearly structured digital tools. This saves you time and therefore, money - not only in the physical workshop but also, for example, in time-consuming training courses. You’reindependent from our competitors’ complex CAD software as well as from individual specialists within your company that might hold all necessary knowledge to its use. If that specialist decides to move on, it’ll not throw you off track. You simply step up to the digital workbench yourself, because you know the terms and procedures from the traditional craft.

Mecuris3D Modeling - The simple software to model a functional form for orthotics of any kind

In this article we’ll introduce you to the Mecuris3D Modeling tool. With this valuable tool, you can digitally create all types of functional forms:

  • Positioning orthoses for lower and upper extremities as well as the trunk and head.

  • Functional orthoses for lower and upper extremities as well as the trunk and head.

To do this, you upload a corrected, unmodeled 3D positive model into the Mecuris Solution Platform by:

a) uploading the user scan of a lower leg on which you have performed pose correction using Mecuris3D Correction, or

b) uploading the scan of an already corrected plaster cast of the lower/upper extremities, trunk or head.

You can then digitally perform all the steps of functional modeling that you are familiar with in the course of your orthosis creation.

The individual functions of our modeling software at a glance

In the Mecuris3D Modeling online tool, all of the functions for functional form modeling are available to you. As usual, you start modeling after aligning the user scan using the displayed axis system. For lower leg/foot scans, use the transverse plane as a guide. Then start the actual modeling and work your way through the modeling process using a few online features that are optimally attuned to each other for this purpose. From forefoot extensions, adding and removing material for an optimal cutting line, smoothing, truing, inserting joints... it's all possible with the Mecuris3D modeling tool. If you want to insert a well-proven toe box or even joints when modeling the forefoot, simply upload your saved .stl file into the process and continue working with it. The same applies to scanned or constructed pads for the footbed modeling or basically all kinds of ready-modeled areas such as footbeds, calf cuffs or the like.

Valuable enhancements are also available to make the working process even easier for you: A color scale shows you the thickness of the material applied or removed in a very simple way.

The Measurements tool is available to you throughout the modeling process and allows you to take length, circumference and tactile measurements.

Once you’ve finished modeling the functional form, you can download the file with a click of the mouse and

  • send it to your milling/printing service provider or

  • start directly into the next step with our Mecuris3D Creator; the configuration & design of your final orthosis. (This tool is currently designed to configure transtibial orthoses. We will keep you up to date on enhancements - sign up for the newsletter now!)

Advantages at a glance

With the Mecuris3D Modeling tool you save valuable time in the physical workshop: up to 75%!

  • You have more time for consulting and fitting the patient or treating additional patients.

  • Unlike with plaster casting or other modeling materials, you’re very flexible in your work and can implement any changes within seconds.

  • The core of your work, your knowledge and expertise remains with you. Mecuris doesn’t store any of your data. We merely provide you with an alternative or additional tool to your classic workbench.

  • Via the digital workshop and this special tool you also have the possibility to work location-independent, meaning from ANYWHERE. The Mecuris Solution Platform is web-based, so it does not need to be stored locally on a computer. You therefore have access to your digital workshop anywhere and at any time and your work is digitally 100% reproducible!

Mecuris3D Modeling is available to all users on the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) as part of two workflows: Best of all, use of the entire MSP, including all tools and workflows, is completely free, including unlimited downloads for medical professionals until December 31, 2021.

Convince yourself with the free on-demand webinar "In just 3 steps to the orthotic blank: use digital tools easily".


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