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Advent Calender 2022

Just in time for Advent, we invite our users to open one door a day in our Advent Calendar.

We are very pleased that we were able to fill a nice Advent calendar for our Mecuris family for the first time this year. The selection was very difficult for us, because we look back on a year full of exciting developments. Now it is filled with highlights, fun facts and surprises that are important to us.

Do you know what an Advent Calendar is? Advent calendars have been part of the customs in Germany since the 19th century during Advent, the period from December 1-24. They are intended to "shorten" the waiting time for children until Christmas. During that time, they are allowed to open one of the 24 little doors every day.

We Germans love our Advent Calendars. We mean loooove!!! 💙 We like to pack them ourselves, put little goodies together and give them away to our loved ones. Not just to our kids, but to friends and family as well. So we thought, why not make one for our friends, the Mecuris family?

You also have the opportunity to take part in our Advent raffle. Then you might look forward to a new iPad Scanner or a large download package for the Mecuris Solution Platform in time for the New Year. You will find the link to the raffle behind todays' door of the Calender.

Best wishes for a relaxed end of the year

The whole team of Mecuris


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