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A Powerful New Feature - the Mecuris Data Storage

What are the benefits of a "3D patient"? Going digital doesn't just mean replacing or supplementing traditional tools with digital ones. It also means being able to organize patient data quickly and easily, to view data and reproduce 3D models, for example, as is the case with growth adjustments or to prove changes for reimbursement.

Good organization of digital data is essential in this process. And that's exactly what the new data storage in the Mecuris Solution Platform offers you! In this post, you'll learn more about the components of your data storage, how to save data, the size of your digital storage space & the security of your files.

In your new data storage you will find the areas "My Projects", "Scans" and "Download History". We will now introduce these to you in detail:

Download History

In the "Download History" area, you can see which downloads you have already made. This way you can always keep track of how many downloads you use and adjust your subscription if necessary.

Attention, please! In the download history, it is not possible to download a file again or to jump back into a tool of the Mecuris Solution Platform. For this purpose, we recommend saving your work in your projects (see below).


If you are using the scanning app "3DSizeMe" from TechMed 3D, you can now conveniently send your scans to the Mecuris Solution Platform from the app on the tablet you are scanning with. You will then find these scans in the "Scans" folder. From here, you can get started right away: assign a scan to a specific (patient) project or start processing it directly, e.g. in the Mecuris3D Correction tool. All scans you’ve sent to the Mecuris Solution Platform are safely collected in one place in the data storage.

💡 Info For Basic and Enterprise customers, the transmission of scans is free of charge. If you use the Free subscription, we charge you one download from your quota for one scan transfer. You can view and adjust your subscription at any time in your settings on the Mecuris Solution Platform [Log-In].

Quick Starter Guide - Scanner Integration
Download PDF • 4.92MB

You find a video tutorial on how to link your 3DSizeMe Scanner App to the Mecuris Solution Platform in the Mecuris Solution Platform [Log-In].

My Projects

3D models you design in the Mecuris3D Correction, Mecuris3D Modeling or Mecuris3D Creator tool can be stored, organized and managed in the "Projects" section. This is an example project with different files:

How to save a file in a project:

If you want to interrupt or finish your work in Mecuris Solution Platform, but do not want to download it immediately, you now have the option to save your 3D file in a project. Here are two different ways you can save your file:

  1. Save progress: In case you are not finished in a tool, save the current state of your model and simply continue editing in the same place at a later time.

  2. Save 3D file (as .stl or obj. file): If you are done with a tool and you want to save that file in one of your projects. At any time you can continue with this file in another tool or download it and send it to a manufacturing service provider.

Decide on one of the two saving options and choose a folder where you could save your file. Optionally, you can also create a new folder.

Depending on which storage variant you choose, the following different actions result that you can perform with a PROGRESS or a FILE:

Size of your data storage

As you have probably already noticed, the upper area of the Mecuris Solution Platform looks a bit different. In addition to your currently available download quota, you can now see how much storage capacity is available to you.

Your available storage capacity is made up of the saved files in your projects and scans. Files in the download history do not consume any memory.

Depending on which subscription you use, different storage capacities are available to you:

Free: 250 MB

⭐⭐ Basic: 100 GB

⭐⭐⭐ Enterprise: 250 GB

Unlike your download quota, your data storage does not renew monthly. This means that your available MB/GB will decrease with increased data volume and - depending on your subscription - you may reach a limit. In this case we recommend you to switch to a higher subscription with more storage capacity or delete files in your data storage.

💡 Info On average, a file size in the Mecuris Solution Platform is about 50 MB or 0.05 GB. You can adjust your subscription and your storage capacity at any time via the settings in Mecuris Solution Platform. [Log-In]

Data encryption

The (patient) data you store is automatically encrypted. Only you have access to the data in your data storage in the Mecuris Solution Platform. Please make sure that you do not share your access data (e-mail and password) with anyone and that you log out after each use on the Mecuris Solution Platform.

Mecuris has no way to view your confidential patient data. An exception to this would be data recovery: In this case, Mecuris can recover data using a "master key". This principle applies, for example, if a customer has lost his password and requests a new one. The master key allows theoretical access to your data, but we take technical and organizational measures to ensure that unauthorized access can be ruled out.

If you delete data in your data storage, this data will be irrevocably deleted.

Security updates

Mecuris undertakes regular security updates to protect your data from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Industry standard encryption (AES-256 and GDRP) is used for this purpose.

For quality assurance, development and optimization of new tools and features, partially anonymized copies of the data are used. However, these copies are not traceable to any company or individual by Mecuris or any external party.

If you have any questions about data backup at Mecuris, please contact:

💡 Tip We recommend that you additionally encrypt your patient data yourself.

Example: Instead of naming your folder "Sabine Müller, 67 years, upper arm fracture", we recommend writing "Patient 058, Care 04". This way you can create your own system of patient data protection.

You want a personal demo of the tools on the Mecuris Solution Platform? You can see availabilities for a personal call right here.


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