Digitalize your orthotics manufacturing process with a simple CAD/CAM solution.



Mecuris Solution Platform - Your Digital Workshop

Use CAD/CAM orthotics software easily and quickly.

With our digital workshop, the Mecuris Solution Platform, we offer you the possibility to create individual orthotics digitally in a cost- and time-saving way - without any prior knowledge of CAD/CAM or 3D technologies. You can benefit from the advantages of digitalization without sacrificing your professional intuition and expertise.

CAD/CAM Software für Orthetik - einfach und schnell nutzbar

Intuitive to use, for every knowledge level

Rely on our intuitively designed software for CPOs and experts in providing patients with orthotic devices. Our CAD/CAM solution can be implemented  for any  business, regardless of size or previous knowledge level of 3D technologies.

Developed by CPOs for CPOs

Integrated into a digital value chain, we are your partner for the future of orthopedic technology. We’ve translated traditional craftsmanship into digital tools and easy-to-use workflows according to your requirements. Integrate the Mecuris Solution Platform into your existing manufacturing process now! Gain the benefits of comprehensive CAD/CAM software packed into simple process steps.

Tools & workflows at a glance -

The software for prosthetists/orthotists and medical professionals

Work faster and more flexible in the application

We want to support your work in a way that makes sense for you. We know that not every digital tool can be used for every fitting. However, we want to equip you with your new digital workshop. Include everything which supports your flexibility and makes your work easier.. You can use individual, flexible tools or simple linear workflows on our Mecuris Solution Platform to manufacture orthotics of any kind. Don’t take our word for it, convince yourself!

Digital tools of orthotics

Workflow for the creation of orthosis blanks

Mecuris3D Correction - das einfache CAD CAM Werkzeug zur digitalen Haltungskorrektur fuer Orthopädietechniker

Mecuris3D Correction


User scan correction

Mecuris3D Modeling

Modeling the user scan into any type of functional form


Configuration & design of an individual orthosis blank

Mecuris3D Creator

Mecuris3D NightSplint

From 3D-san to final blank for positioning orthoses in under 45 minutes - your sample workflow: step-by-step through CAD/CAM software customized for you.

CAD_CAM Software Mecuris 3D - Download.p

CPOs trust our CAD/CAM software because it's:


Easy to get started, intuitive to use

Easy to get started, intuitive to use

After a short  90 minutes training demo, off you go: Developed by prosthetists/orthotists for prosthetists/orthotists, you can use these digital tools quite intuitively and flexibly: No previous CAD/CAM software or 3D technology knowledge required. No long or cumbersome training sessions.

Icon_kurze Einarbeitungszeit.png

Work faster, higher productivity

Work faster, higher productivity

Huge time saver - less commuting to or being in the physical workshop. Speeding  up the orthosis creation simply frees you for treating or consulting more patients. Want to create both a positioning orthosis and a functional orthosis from one data set? No problem. Create both models digitally with one scan.

Icon_hohe Reproduzierbarkeit.png

Reproducibility, multiple treatment, growth adjustment

One data set, many possibilities: You can easily modify and reprint post-process, both the scan data and the processed data. Concretely, this means for you:

- One scan for positioning as well as functional orthoses 

- Growth adjustments in under 5 minutes

- Replacement supply incl. adjustments in a few minutes

Reproducibility, multiple treatment, growth adjustment


Flexible, browser-based, usable from anywhere

Flexible, browser-based, usable from anywhere

Benefit from a new level of independence: Use our tools and workflows flexibly, just as you need them for the case at hand. Free yourself from the plaster room: You take the 3D scan and then model wherever and whenever you want. Use the Mecuris Solution Platform browser-based online - no installation necessary!


Economical, sustainable, reliable

Economical, sustainable, reliable

Benefit from our cost-effective CAD/CAM software with a flexible pricing structure, which you can fully use after just 90 minutes.

Work more efficiently in terms of time and materials: Reduce material stock & waste (e.g. material & tool for plaster cast/plastic work). Most importantly, gain time! Working time and presence  in the physical workshop is drastically reduced. We are happy to share industry contacts and know-how in scanning, material science and manufacturing (milling/3D printing).

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We at Mecuris are committed to the digital transformation in the orthotics and prosthetics industry. From now on we fully focus on our software solutions and to expand our global footprint.

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