Workshops & Seminars for certified prosthetists orthotists

Get to know the entire digital process chain.
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Are you a certified prosthetist/orthotist or in training to become acertified prosthetist/orthotist  and would like to get to know the digital process chain first hand? At our workshops and seminars, we will show you, ,  how you can digitally manufacture tailor-made orthoses and prosthetic feet.

Mecuris Workshops: the digital process chain

Gain an insight into the entire digital manufacturing process of 3D-printed prosthetics & orthotics. During this 1-day workshop, we will show you the entire digital workflow using the example of a foot orthosis - from scanning the leg to live production using the 3D printing process. The workshops are interactively designed and allow a broad exchange on the subject of digitization amongst industry colleagues.

3D scanning in orthopaedic technology 

What are the technical possibilities in orthopaedic technology and how can the perfect scan be achieved? Learn everything about scanning in "hands-on" training with our scanning partner Antonius Köster.

The digital workshop - from scan to product

Get an insight into the Mecuris Solution Platform. Get to know the different tools and create your own orthosis - all digital on your PC.

Industrial 3D printing close up

Exclusive tour of the showroom at the 3D printing press manufacturer EOS with live production of a night splint - from the print job to unpacking the orthosis.

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Next dates:


> May 20, 2020

> September 19, 2020

> November 25, 2020

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We also offer our workshops exclusively as in-house workshops.

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The workshops will take place at the headquarters of the printing press manufacturer EOS in Krailling near Munich.

Mecuris Seminars for (master)students

First scanning, then configuring, then printing - the future of orthopaedic technology offers so many possibilities. What's the best? The next generation of certified prosthetists orthotists can already be part of it, experience it and shape it, today.

We therefore cordially invite the master students  from orthopedic technician schools to get to know our digitalization approach  of orthopaedic technology first hand. In this seminar we make the digital process chain tangible, we are available for questions and give an outlook on what is to come.

There's something to discover:

3D scanning in orthopaedic technology 

3D scanning an integral part of the curriculum? Unfortunately in the most schools not yet. That's why we step in and show  the future certified prosthetists orthotists what technical possibilities are there and how to achieve the perfect scan.

The digital workshop - from scan to product

We give the students practical insights into the various tools of the digital workshop - the Mecuris Solution Platform.

Industrial 3D-printing

We introduce to the industrial 3D printing - which materials can be used for medical devices & how the production workflow looks like.

Where do the seminars take place?

We are happy to come directly to the orthopaedic technology (university) schools with our experts by appointment.

Seminar dates:


You are a teacher in the field of orthopaedic technology and would like to offer your students the opportunity to gain an insight into the process chain?

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