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We are a colourful, international team that has brought together a vision: To find ways to meet previously unsolved challenges and, above all, to significantly improve the quality of life of wearers and users of prostheses and orthoses. For us, every wearer is unique - in their taste, their movement, their way of dressing and showing themselves. We want to give this uniqueness space to unfold. This is why we have developed a platform and several digital solutions to produce individual orthoses and prostheses in 3D printing together with the OTR´s.


The Mecuris team currently has around 30 employees with different backgrounds: doctors, engineers, IT specialists, economists and designers. We would like to introduce ourselves briefly below.

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Mecuris GmbH 
Lindwurmstr. 11 
D-80337 Munich

Tel +49 89 20 00 57-300 


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