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Special solutions for 3D-printed prostheses: From the idea to the finished product Mecuris is your competent partner


Do you have a product idea in the field of prosthetics and see potential for it to sustainably improve people's lives? Through innovative 3D printing production, the latest plastics and our know-how, this idea could soon become reality and be a real enrichment for people in everyday situations. To achieve this, we will support you as a service provider with our diverse expertise in the areas of product development, production and quality assurance: First of all, we check the feasibility of your product idea together with you. Here, aspects such as technical feasibility, marketability or scalability of the potential product are examined in detail. If the feasibility is guaranteed, the final step is a joint product development of the prosthesis across the whole development and manufacturing process.

With various partners, we have already been able to implement unique ideas in the field of prosthetics. In order to give you an insight into the possibilities, we would like to show you a few examples of pilot-projects below.

Demo projects


3D-printed complete prosthesis (festival prosthesis)

In addition to the production of singular components such as prosthetic foot, cover and shaft, these parts can also be digitally combined and manufactured in just one piece. The advantage is an customized, robust prosthesis without adapters and fitting parts. Especially in wet or dirty areas, this offers many advantages such as insensitivity to salt and fresh water - but also easy cleaning if the prosthesis gets dirty.

The individual and accurately fitting 3D-printed leg prosthesis shown here has been produced as a prototype upon customer request.
The customer requested a prosthesis that was perfectly designed for outdoor activities, camping and music festivals withstanding sand, dirt, dust and mud. The care of the prosthesis we designed for that purpose is super easy. All you have to do after your outing or party is to rinse it off in the bathtub.

The prosthesis complements the wearers´ everyday prosthesis for particularly demanding activities. Thus it takes off risks from the everyday prosthesis and ensures long-lasting functionality of both the everyday prosthesis and the 3D-printed leisure prosthesis. 
In order to precisely determine the optimal fit and the static structure, the everyday prosthesis is scanned in 3D. This scan is used to measure the static build-up as well as to take individual data (e.g. inner socket shape). Prosthetic foot, Cover and individual design-elements, as a quote from a song - are included along the digital tailoring.

Become a development partner

Do you have a product idea that is suitable for the digital process chain and 3D printing. One that could make the lives of many people easier?  Then don't hesitate to contact us.

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