Mecuris prosthetic feet- 
waterproof pediatric and adult prosthetic feet from the 3D printer
Being a startup company, we are building up our product portfolio step by step. In the area of 3D-printed prostheses we are currently concentrating on the lower leg.
Due to our history, we are even more specialized in this field: we focus on the development and production of individual 3D-printed prosthetic feet for children and adults. Our key partner is the orthopedic technician who adjusts these feet precisely to the measurements of each wearer. In addition, wearers and orthopedic technicians  work together in the design of the prosthetic foot. Together they create a truly unique item that underlines the customer’s  personality and enriches his or her life. 
We have already successfully established the following prosthetic feet on the market:
> Mecuris FirStep: the pediatric prosthetic foot accompanies children from their first steps onwards. It can be adjusted to the millimeter and withstands the demands of small whirlwinds.
> Mecuris NexStep: the waterproof prosthetic foot that is perfect for bathing or interim care due to its stable base.
> Mecuris ComfyStep: the prosthetic foot that can be customized to the wearer‘s rollover behaviour.

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