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Mecuris Prothesenkosmetik FreestyleCover

Show individuality and confidently express your own personality: With a Mecuris prosthesis cover you completely have new possibilities to make a unique prosthesis With our individual, 3D-printed prosthesis cosmetics you become a designer.

Entirely  freely configurable, tailor-made for the respective prosthesis and depicting the individual calf shape, a real unicum is created, totallyaccording to the user's taste. Certified Prosthetists Orthotists and users can decide together whether it should be a prosthesis cover based on templates or whether you want to give free rein to your creativity. 

How is a Mecuris Cover created? What do users say?

Step 1:

Scan of the prosthesis:

In a first step, the prosthetist creates a scan of the prosthesis to ensure the best possible fit. An additional scan of the healthy leg enables us to reproduce a natural calf shape as closely as possible.


Mecuris SpectrumCover

The freely configurable, individual, 3D-printed lower leg prosthesis cover

In just a few clicks, CPOs and users design the cover conveniently online together using the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) - the digital workshop. There are hundreds of design possibilities, there are no limits to creativity: in addition to a large selection of patterns and surface structures, there is also the possibility of realising own ideas such as texts (on request).
In combination with the natural leg shape, the prosthesis cover thus becomes a real design piece and an expression of your own personality.

Configure now:

Advantages at a glance

Technical specifications 

> More than 600 design combinations

Natural leg and calf shape

Exact fit onto socket & prosthesis

> Simple coordination through preview in the 3D viewer

> High-quality millimetre-accurate 3D printing 

> Light and robust

> (Salt-)waterproof

> Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks 

> Dimensions: adjustable to the millimetre

> Simple, self-centering connection via ball joint

Precondition: round prosthesis tube, length: min. 35mm

Example designs for the Mecuris SpectrumCover

Be inspired: Here we show you examples of what a SpectrumCover can look like. As a prosthetist, you can easily design these together with the user on the MSP.


Mecuris FreestyleCover

The prosthesis cosmetics according to your wishes - for transfemoral and transtibial amputees

You want even more individuality? A basic design of your own? You want to realize your own ideas, patterns or texts on the cover, need a different connection to the prosthesis or are an AK-amputee? Then you will be looking at a Mecuris FreestyleCover.
We are looking forward to this challenge and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for your custom-made FreestyleCover
Let us know your wishes and ideas in advance using the contact form, then we will get in touch with you. We will check the implementation after an initial discussion and make you an offer.

> For BK- and AK-amputees (transfemoral and transtibial amputees)
> Own design wishes can be realised: other shapes, special colors or own patterns/texts
> Individual requirements for the connection to the prosthetic abutment (different from SpectrumCover) 
> Natural leg and calf shape
> High-quality millimeter-accurate 3D printing for long durability
> Exact fit onto socket & prosthesis
> Light and robust

Advantages at a glance

Example designs for the Mecuris FreestyleCover

Be inspired : In the gallery you can see first examples of what a freestyle cover can look like, for example the covers of Denise Schindler, Paralympic cyclist. Give us a challenge. We are happy to accept it.

Mecuris DynamiCover

The new flexible cover for Össur Pro-Flex® prosthetic feet

Are you looking to "upgrade" your prosthesis with a innovative prosthetic foot from the Össur Pro-Flex® family**? If so, the Mecuris DynamiCover is the right choice for you. Thanks to laser-precise 3D printing, the cover encloses the entire area of the prosthesis - from the edge of the foot shell to the socket. The mobility of the foot is completely preserved thanks to the innovative, flexible design. The cover can be attached to the prosthesis in just a few quick twists and turns by clicking it into the eyelets of the foot cosmetics - quickly and without tools.

The DynamiCover is currently available as TT version (the TF version is coming soon). Please let us know your order in the contact form, together with the dimensions and desired color. We will then get in touch with you.

Advantages at a glance

> Direct connection to foot cosmetics

> Pleasant feel thanks to flexible material (TPU)
> Minimalist, noble cover design with beautiful leg shape
> Natural leg and calf shape
> Full preservation of foot flexibility
> Easy to install without tools

Technical specifications 

> (Can be ordered directly via customer form with specification of a few measurements (no scan required):

       > Cover height: 33, 36, 39, 42, 45 cm (from top edge of foot cover)

       > Shaft circumference: between 27-45 cm 

> FST foot cover (Össur) size: 22-30

20 cm clear height from the upper edge of the foot cover

Mecuris DynamiCover: An upgrade for your prosthetic foot from the Össur Pro-Flex family*

Discover for yourself the pleasant and "natural" feel of the innovative, flexible material (TPU) and the simple, elegant design.


*fits these Össur Pro-Flex® models:

Pro-Flex® Pivot

Pro-Flex® LP torsion

Pro-Flex® XC

Pro-Flex® XC torsion

Pro-Flex® LP (eingeschränkt)

Facts about ordering, printing, quality, prices and technical instructions:

Individual prosthesis covers in just a few clicks

The Mecuris prosthesis cover is customized by the CPO together with the wearer in just three steps using the Mecuris Solution Platform.
Try it now. Mecuris – You. Create.

The 3D printing process

The production of the final print file occurs in ISO-certified 3D printing centres in Germany. This printing technique guarantees a production to the millimeter, the basis for the perfect fit of the Mecuris cover. This is the foundation for the perfect fit of the Mecuris cover on the joint to the prosthetic tube and socket. 

Facts and figures for the medical professional

On top of the possibility to design and order products on the Mecuris Solution Platform you will also find all relevant information there: 

> Prices 

> Technical instructions 

> Dimension sheets

Try it out now.

I am a wearer and want one of your covers.
How do I get them?

Your CPO will configure and order a 3D-printed Mecuris-Cover on the Mecuris Solution Platform. There you will have the chance to find your individual design together with him/her


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