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Create orthoses in a time and resource-saving manner

Step by step, we extend our demand for highly individual orthopaedic aids to the field of orthosis care. 
The goal in the field of orthotics is clear: On the one hand, we want to enable the CPO to work in a time-saving and individual manner. On the other hand, we want to give the wearer the opportunity to actively influence the appearance of his orthopaedic aid. In order to achieve this, we check carefully up to which work step we can support the specialist with additively manufactured products or product components. For suitable applications, which we identify through this procedure, we then continuously develop new solutions together with the orthopaedic technician.
In this process, we are currently specializing in the digitalization and individualization of forms and splints, which form the basis of the finished orthosis. These forms are an integral part of both static and dynamic orthoses. After printing, they are finalized by CPO in the workshop.

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