Mecuris NexStep 

The waterproof prosthetic foot for greater stability


The world's first 3D-printed waterproof prosthetic foot with a CE: Core element to a fully functional bathing prosthesis.


In line with our co-creation approach, the waterproof prosthetic foot, Mecuris’ NexStep is jointly tailored by CPOs and the patient to the individual measurements and wishes of the wearer. The result is a precisely fitting prosthetic foot whose appearance underlines the personality of each wearer, guarantees maximum comfort and highest quality.
In addition to the foot length, the NexStep’s foot width can also be adjusted. The shaped wide tread surface leads to more stability and support. 

Mecuris NexStep as a bathing foot

These properties alone make it the ideal component of a sophisticated bath prosthesis. It also has a lower density than water. As a result, it has less buoyancy and therefore, good swimming properties. In addition, the NexStep does not need any extra cosmetic for it is already included in its attractive design. he advantage is that it can easily be rinsed off at the end of a bathing day, dries well and no sand or other particles will collect in a cosmetic shell. Thanks to the high stability and standing surface, even water sports can be carried out freely again.

As a further, undoubtedly unbeatable argument, are its everyday qualities. Wearers can put on the bathing prosthesis at home and comfortably get through the day with it. The NexStep prosthetic foot will provide excellent services thanks to a high energy return in the forefoot and heel area: Starting the day off with a nice breakfast, enjoying the day at the spa with a visit to the sauna and going out to dinner after that? All of this is no problem and will increases the wearer’s quality of life.

Impressions, stories and comments about the Mecuris NexStep:

There is currently no foot on the market that can compete with Mecuris’ NexStep when it comes to bathing supplies. Its greatest advantages are that it can be worn without a cosmetics shell, and thanks to its non-slip sole and wide tread surface, it provides a high degree of safety.  In the past health insurance companies have often only approved simple standing aids for wet areas up to now, there is a growing realisation - at least in Germany - that a wearer has higher needs for a bathing prosthetic. He doesn't want to be additionally restricted in his possibilities. We make this possible withMecuris’ NexStep: It is (salt)waterproof, will not break a sweat g in the sauna and its wearers can also rely on it for everyday life. Thus a wearer,  fitted with a NexStep, can put on his bathing prosthesis at home and is prepared for the day in the wellness area, at the lake or by the sea, without having to carry another prosthesis with him.

The waterproof prosthetic foot Mecuris NexStep at a glance:
Who is Mecuris’ NexStep suitable for?

The advantages of the Mecuris NexStep at a glance:

Facts about ordering, printing, quality, prices and technical instructions:
Tailored prosthetic feet in just 3 steps

The Mecuris NexStep is made to measure in just three easy steps on the freely accessible, web-based Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP). The orthopaedic technician can work together with the wearer to determine the individual properties of the prosthetic foot and finalise the design according to personal taste. This increases the acceptance of the fitting, as the prosthetic foot becomes a truly unique piece.

The printing process

We manufacture the individual prosthetic feet in an additive manufacturing process (professional 3D printing), the laser sintering process. The properties of the high-performance plastic - PA 12 - make it particularly suitable for the production of our feet and meet our high safety and quality requirements. Read more.

Our promise of quality

We place the highest demands on the quality of our prosthetic feet as certified medical devices - from ordering to product design and production to shipping, every product is subjected to our demanding safety and quality checks. Read more about our quality approach.

Facts and figures for the CPO

The Mecuris Solution Platform provides you with all the latest information:


Technical instructions


Facts and figures for parents

An individual 3D-printed aid such as the children's prosthetic foot FirStep is configured by a CPO on the Mecuris Solution Platform. You don't have a partner at hand yet?

Contact us, we might be able to help you find the right partner.

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