NexStep Wasserfester Prothesenfuß

Mecuris NexStep

The (salt)waterproof and sauna-proof prosthetic foot, which can be adjusted exactly to the millimeter.

The individually adaptable, 3D printed prosthetic foot Mecuris NexStep is waterproof, salt water resistant and also suitable for the sauna.

On the Mecuris Solution Platform, the CPO enters the exact values of foot length, foot width and heel hight to the millimetre. In line with our co-creation approach, he can then determine the colour of the prosthetic foot together with the wearer. The result is a perfectly fitting prosthetic foot, whose look underlines the personality of its wearer and guarantees top quality. 

Mecuris NexStep - the foot for every purpose

Mecuris NexStep - wasserfest - saunafest

(salt)waterproof, suitable for the sauna, easy to clean

Shopping, then to the pool and even to the sauna? No problem with the NexStep.

Unique in design, easy to clean, ideal as foot of a bathing prosthesis.

The NexStep is waterproof, saltwaterproof and even suitable for the sauna. This stylish prosthetic foot does not require a cosmetic foot shell and can therefore be easily rinsed off with clean water at the end of a bathing day. It dries well and neither sand nor other particles collect in the cosmetics.

Due to its density ratio in comparison to water, it has less buoyancy than other feet and therefore good swimming characteristics. The non-slip sole and the wide contact surface give the wearer a good feeling of security. This makes the NexStep ideal as a foot for a mature, functional bathing prosthesis.

Advantages at a glance

> individually adjustable to the foot length, foot width, heel hight and weight of the wearer

> selectable colour

> saltwaterproof, waterproof

> suitable for the sauna (up to 80°C)

> barefoot wearable thanks to non-slip sole

> no cosmetic foot shell (rubber cosmetics)

> easy to clean

> Completely assembled: The foot is tailor-made, including all associated components, and does not need to be reworked

Technical data

>  K2-4 (mobility class 2-4)

> foot length: 210 - 300 mm, foot width: 70 - 120 mm,

> heel hight (0-10mm)

> Flat construction: 77mm (incl. sole, without adapter)

> low weight - approx. 500 g for 270 mm-foot (medium wide foot, without adapter)

> Approved: up to 125 kg body weight (DIN EN ISO 10328:2006 P6)

> Low maintenance: no mechanics, no hydraulics

> Simple connectivity via Pyramid adapter

> CE-marked

Wearers about Mecuris NexStep

"It was just incredible. These
prostheses have changed the way,
how I walk, run, cycle and everything else.
I feel a big difference when I wear them,
in terms of stability, comfort and functionality. I
can actually feel my toes when I walk, and
I feel no different than anyone else..."
Double-amputee paralympic athlete​
Fahd Mohamad Ali, Dubai.

Facts about ordering, 3D-printing and quality:

The digital prosthetic workshop

The Mecuris NexStep is made to measure in just three easy steps on the web-based Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP). It is available free of charge. There, the CPO has the opportunity to define the individual characteristics of the prosthetic foot and will be able to finalize the design according to the wearer's personal taste.

On the MSP you can also find out everything about the prices of the NexStep.

Mecuris - You. Create.

The 3D printing process

We manufacture all individual prosthetic feet in an additive manufacturing process (professional 3D printing), the laser sintering process.

The high-performance plastic PA 12 is particularly suitable for the manufacture of our products due to its properties and meets our high safety and quality requirements. Read more.

Our promise of quality

We place the highest demands on the quality of our prosthetic feet as certified medical devices - from ordering to product design and production to shipping, every product is subjected to our demanding safety and quality checks. Read more about our quality approach.

Are you a wearer and interested in a Mecuris NexStep?

You can obtain a Mecuris NexStep, as well as all our individual orthopaedic aids, from your CPO. He or she has access to our digital workshop - the Mecuris Solution Platform - and can advise you accordingly.

However, we are also happy to help you with any general questions you may have.


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