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The Digitalization of the orthopedic technology

The Mecuris Solution Platform opens up new horizons in patient care. In just three simple steps, CPOs create CE-compliant and individually adapted orthopaedic aids online. The wearers of the orthosis or prosthesis are actively and easily integrated into the configuration process and thus have the opportunity to individualise their new aids according to your wishes. Customer satisfaction and acceptance of the fitting thus increase considerably. Without any previous knowledge of 3D printing or 3D design:

> The CPO determines the data and measurements

> Together with the wearer he/she defines design elements, colors and, if necessary, structures.

> We'll take care of the rest.

The way to a customized prosthesis or orthosis

But how do we create an orthopedic aid from just data or a few scans? To put it in a nutshell: everything is based on data interaction and product individualization. In the background, several developers are working to optimize the platform every day and to integrate the numerous digital tools in such a way that their use is as easy as possible.

Convince yourself now: 

1. Interact with Data

On the one hand, we process the (scan) data in such a way that the CPO can actively influence it. This data interaction is defined for each individual product. It is therefore product- and application-specific. A prosthetic foot, for example, needs other interactions than a prosthetic cover or an orthotic splint, such as for the night splint.

Ultimately, there are three steps that a CPO must go through with his customer to have an individual aid:

Step 1: DESIGN

In the first step of configuring the individual, 3D-printed orthosis or prosthesis, the basic design options are determined. The design can be tailored to the wearer's wishes and, ideally, can even be made together with him or her. In the "standard version" - depending on the product - different textured surfaces and color combinations are available.


However, depending on the product, these can and will of course be further individualized - this is not the least of our requirements. If there are any other ideas or wishes of the wearer regarding his or her final fitting, this will simply be uploaded: Be it the integrated bottle opener, the lyrics of his song, his poem or her beloved or a picture of the tattoo that once adorned his or her lower leg. Thanks to 3D technology and 3D printing, so much is possible, it's just fun!

Learn more about the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP)

More time for the patient - no more box orthopedics

The basis of digital working - the scan

On the Mecuris Solution Platform and in the creation of 3D data we work with scan files. They make it much easier to extract the required dimensions for the orthosis or prosthesis. Nowadays good scan systems are available easily.
We have already tried some and would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Your solution or product on the MSP

We have already successfully introduced products to the Mecuris Solution Platform in cooperation with development partners - medical supply stores or CPOs. Do you also have a product that can help many patients worldwide to lead a better life? Then contact us. Together with you we check the potential, the possibility for digital workflows and offer the complete competence in 3D-technology and 3D-printing. Challenge us. We look forward to it.

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