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- the fast way for your individual Night Splint

3D-printed, individual plastic shells for the manufacture of foot orthoses for immobilization, positioning or correction

Take new paths and use innovative 3D design and printing technologies to create individual shells for your foot orthosis. With our digital manufacturing process, you save valuable time and actively involve the patient in the creation process. This enables you to fulfill his or her individual design wishes and increase the acceptance of the care. The shell can be reimbursed 100% by health insurance companies and reproduced at any time without additional effort for you or the user.

Save time and material by printing your splint

With the help of our digital process, we are able to minimize the production time during the manufacturing of your orthosis significantly. This saves you valuable time and allows you to better meet the needs of your customers. The 3d-printed shell, the basis of the finished orthosis, is made of a deformable and partially recycled thermoplastic. The sustainable manufacturing process significantly reduces material waste.

3D-gedruckte, individuelle Kunststoffschalen zur Herstellung von Unterschenkelorthesen zur Immobilisierung, Lagerung oder Korrektur

After a multi-stage quality check at our premises, the individualised and 3D-printed plastic mould is sent directly to the CPO. There, the foot orthosis will be finished and handcrafted for the patient.

Vom 3D-Scan bis zur fertigen 3D-gedruckten Lagerungsschiene


Now there is no stopping for little water fans: whether at home in the pool or on holiday at the beach - the FirStep does everything

(salt-) waterproof

(salt-) waterproof

Now there is no stopping for little water fans: whether at home in the pool or on holiday at the beach - the FirStep does everything

Digital gefertigt, individuell in Farbe und Design

Individual look in color and design

Involve your customers actively in the configuration of the foot orthosis and fulfill individual design wishes - completely according to our You.Create. approach. This gives the foot orthosis a unique look and increases the acceptance of the foot orthosis by the user. Within our web-based Mecuris Solution Platform, a wide range of colors and designs are freely available.

100% reproducible

You need the identical orthosis again? No problem. Every aid we manufacture is saved on our Mecuris Solution Platform and can be easily re-ordered and 100% reproduced at any time.

Unicorns, dinosaurs or even the logo of your favorite football club - with an individual configuration of the shell for the foot orthosis. You give your patient a free choice of color and design and thus offer unlimited space for individuality and creativity. Children's acceptance of the foot orthosis significantly increases.

Advantages at a glance:

> Minimization of production times

> Reduction of material scrap and waste

> Sustainability through the use of recycled materials

> Easy cleaning of the orthopaedic aid

> Airy and filigree design for optimum air circulation

> Individualisation thanks to a wide range of colors

> Accurately fitting night storage rail by using 3D scans

> Unpleasant odors are prevented after prolonged wearing without padding

> Highest quality polyamide plastic as a material Mecuris QCheck

Configurate now:

Mecuris Solution Platform


All information about the night splint at a glance:

Digital Prosthetic Workshop

Mecuris FirStep is configured by CPOs together with the user via the Mecuris Solution Platform,the digital prosthesis workshop in just a few steps. There, you also find addtional information e.g. prices and order status.  Try it out now. Mecuris - You. Create.

The printing process

The production of the finished print file is carried out in ISO-certified 3D printing centeres in Germany. Polyamide is used as the starting material, which is fused into a bionic product geometry by means of selective laser sintering (SLS).

Possibility of cooperation

This night splint has been realized in a cooperation project with ORTHO Technik Rummelsberg. Do you have a product idea that has the potential to be ready for the market and are looking for a suitable development partner? Please feel free to contact us!

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