Mecuris FirStep 
First individual, 3D-printed pediatric prosthetic foot worldwide
Custom-made to the needs of children 

Mecuris’ FirStep is the world's first 3D printed pediatric prosthetic foot. For our smallest customers we offer the FirStep already from a length of 120mm (shoe size EUR 19.5).

Adjustment accurate to the millimeter

As the child grows, the foot length and width can be continuously adjusted to the millimeter at any time. Starting at  a foot length of 200mm onwards, the child can smoothly change to the adult foot NexStep without having to get used to a new prosthetic foot.

> Improved gait pattern and high acceptance thanks to individual adjustment together with the child:

Foot length: 120 - 220mm

Foot width: 55-80mm

Heel height: 0-8mm

Weight of the child
Strength of the glass fiber spring component (adjusting the energy return)

Color + design (child-friendly imprint or medical supply store logo)

High energy return

Low overall height: from 45mm (depending on foot size and configuration)


Comfortable to wear due to low weight (approx. 95 at 120mm) 

Approved up to 25 kg (DIN EN ISO 10328:2006 Reduced load level)

Low maintenance: no mechanics, no hydraulics

Easy to clean: 

      Can be worn without cosmetic foot shell (rubber cosmetics). 

      Simple rinsing is sufficient

 Wearable barefoot thanks to non-slip sole

 Easy connection via pyramid adapter for children (with M8 screw)

 Warranty: 2 years legal warranty excluding wearing parts

High acceptance through co-determination

By including the child in the choice of color and the individual design of the optics, the self-confidence of the small wearers is increased and an immediate acceptance of the prosthetic foot is achieved.

Impressions and stories on Mecuris FirStep:

With the Mecuris FirStep there is no stopping for little water lovers. Whether at home in the sandbox, in the pool or on vacations at the beach and in the sea: this all-round prosthetic foot for children simply goes along with everything. The best thing is: it’s absolutely easy to clean. Simply rinse off sand, mud or salt with clear water and all is nice and clean. Nothing accumulates in an extra cosmetic shell, no smells develop. Just perfect for every little world explorer.

Mecuris FirStep at a glance
The children's prosthetic foot - Mecuris FirStep - is particularly suitable for

These are the advantages of Mecuris FirStep


Facts about ordering, printing, quality, prices and technical instructions:
Customized prosthesis in just three easy steps

Mecuris’ FirStep is made to measure in just three steps by the orthopaedic technician via the webbased Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP). The orthopaedic technician has the possibility to decide together with the children and their parents about the individual characteristics of the child's prosthetic foot on our MSP. Thus, the children are already involved in the development process of "their foot". Take this opportunity and show the youngest wearers that they can have a significant influence on their appearance.

The printing process

We manufacture the individual children's prosthetic foot by laser sintering in order to guarantee a perfect fit. The properties of the high-performance plastic - PA 12 - are ideally suited for the manufacture of medical products and meet the highest safety and quality requirements.

Our commitment to quality

Children always present us with the greatest possible challenges: They do not fit into mobility classes, because there are no limits to their imagination and their urge to move - and that's a good thing. We want to meet the demand to provide these movement artists with a high-quality prosthetic foot that reliably accompanies them from the very first step.

Facts and figures for the CPO

The Mecuris Solution Platform provides you with all the latest information:

Technical instructions

Facts and figures for parents

An individual 3D-printed aid such as the children's prosthetic foot FirStep is configured by a CPO on the Mecuris Solution Platform. You don't have a partner at hand yet?

Contact us, we might be able to help you find the right partner.

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