Mecuris FirStep

The individual, 3D-printed children’s prosthesis foot from the very first step

The Mecuris FirStep is a 3D-printed prosthetic foot for children. It is perfectly adapted to their needs: dynamic, robust, easy to-carefor and waterproof meets all little movers’ requirements. Whether at home, during excursions to the (water) playground, splashing about, bathing, romping: with the FirStep there is no stopping them!. Simply rinsing off Mecuris’ FirStep frees it from sand, salt, slush and any mishap which may occur when it dries out. Parents and children can free their minds and discover their world with ease and self-confidence.

This is the Mecuris FirStep - CE marked and individually configurable

Now there is no stopping for little water fans: whether at home in the pool or on holiday at the beach - the FirStep does everything

(salt-) waterproof

Cool in design, accurate to the millimetre

FirStep is available from a foot length of 120mm. As the child grows, the foot length and width can be continuously adjusted and with millimeter precision at any time. Starting at the 220 mm foot length, the child can smoothly switch to Mecuris NexStep adult foot without having to get used to a new prosthetic foot.

Best of all, the children are actively involved in the design process of the prosthetic foot. Together with the CPO, the young user selects the color and design elements of his or her foot. The feeling of having helped design this cool prosthetic foot can increase the child's acceptance of the fitting and give them a new self-confidence in handling the prosthesis.

Advantages at a glance

> Individual adaptation to foot length, width and weight of the user​

> Color and design element chooseable

> High energy return

> (salt) waterproof

> High wearing comfort

> Wearable barefoot, without cosmetic cover

> High acceptance thanks to individual customization together with the child

Technical data

> Foot length (120-230 mm) and foot width (56-90 mm)​

> Low built height (from 52 mm)

> Heel height: 0-10 mm

> Low weight (approx. 150 g at 120 mm)

> Approved up to 40 kg (DIN EN ISO 10328:2016 reduced load level)

> Low maintenance: no mechanics, no hydraulics

> Simple connection using pyramid adapter (with M8 screw)

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Mecuris FirStep: the pediatric prosthetic foot from the first step on

Especially with children, the acceptance of the prosthetic limb is very important. If they do not want to wear their prosthesis, nothing is gained. With our approach, children have, for the first time, the opportunity to have a say in how their prosthetic foot will look. They choose their color and a motif they can identify with.

Facts about ordering, production and quality:

With the purchase of your FreestyleCover we spend 10 Euro.

It is our mission to help where help is needed urgently. Thanks to our cooperation with Handicap International, from now on 10 Euros from each product sold will go to aid projects for rehabilitation and orthopedic care for children and young people in Nepal....

Printing process

The production of the finished printing file takes place in a 3D printing center audited by us and ISO-certified. The selected printing method of laser sintering guarantees production accurate to the millimetre, The high performance plastic - PA 12 - is particularly suitable for the manufacture of medical products and meets the highest safety and quality requirements.

Digital Prosthetic Workshop

Mecuris FirStep is configured by CPOs together with the user via the Mecuris Solution Platform,the digital prosthesis workshop in just a few steps. There, you also find addtional information e.g. prices and order status.  Try it out now. Mecuris - You. Create.

Facts and figures for parents

An individual 3D-printed aid for your child is available from a CPO. He or she will record all data, advise you and, together with you, create the prosthetic foot on the Mecuris Solution Platform. You do not have a partner at hand yet?

Please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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