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How much does a cover cost?

You can find our prices on the Mecuris Solution Platform [link price list]. In general you can get a Mecuris Cover starting from 790,-€

How much does a prosthetic foot cost?

You can find our prices on the Mecuris Solution Platform.

Which adjustment options do I have for the prosthetic feet?

You can adjust our prosthetic feet individually to your customer in the following measurments: - foot length - foot width (only Mecuris Firstep) - weight - heel height (only Mecuris FirStep) - color - logo/icon (depending on type of foot)

What advantages does the FirStep have over the competition?

This pediatric foot is precisely adjustable for each wearer. From very small to large ( just not an off the shelf product) The age-appropriate and choosable design can increase the acceptance of the treatment.

What advantages does the NexStep have over the competition?

  • Excellent waterproof treatment, completely without cosmetics. Therefore it can easily be cleaned from mud, sand and other sources of dirt.
  • Saltwaterproof, Sauna ready
  • Customizable in size and design
  • Not only suitable for the shower, but also for the way from the hotel to the beach or a day at the Spa
  • The absence of cosmetics means that there is much more direct contact with the floor, giving the wearer good control

Is the foot also available with cosmetics?

No. The innovative design of the NexStep allows you to walk without a foot shell. This makes it extremely easy to care for and provides good contact with the ground

Can I determine the height of the prosthetic foot individually?

No. The installation height depends on the foot length.

What material is the foot made of?

The body of the foot consists of polyamide (more precisely PA12 and more precisely PA2200). Its spring element is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFK or CFK)

What material is the cover made of?

Our solid covers (standard covers) are made of polyamide 12, for flexible covers we use TPU (on request)

Can I test the foot without obligation?

Of course! Please contact our customer service at service@mecuris.com or phone +49 89 2000 57 300

Are the feet waterproof?

Both, the Mecuris FirStep and Mecuris NexStep are waterproof.

Are the prosthetic feet delivered fully assembled, or do I have to do something else?

Our prosthesis feet are delivered fully assembled, including sole, spring, adapter (pyramid adapter). If you need a different connection, e.g. for the FirStep through a XXXXX, please let us know so that we can take this into account in the construction.

How heavy are the feet?

Mecuris NexStep: 500-550g + 90g (Adapter: titanium) Mecuris FirStep: 80-270g +70g (Adapter: titanium)

Which mobility classes are the prosthetic feet?

Mecuris NexStep 2.0: K 3-4 Mecuris FirStep: K 1-4

Can I order a cover without a scan?

For the SpectrumCover and the FreestyleCover we need a scan, because this is the only way to ensure a perfect fit. If you have any questions about scanners or the scanning itself, please contact our customer service at service@mecuris.com or phone +49 89 2000 57 300

What is the patient's advantage if I order a cover through you?

There are some advantages that apply to all our covers:

  • Adaptation to the residual limb shape
  • Individual design options
  • Freely designable in colour and pattern
  • Perfect fit on the prosthesis
  • very robust easy to mount
  • In addition, the SpectrumCover and FreestyleCover can imitate the natural calf shape.

Is the cover waterproof?

Yes, the hard covers of the SpectrumCover and FreestyleCover (PA12) series are waterproof in any case, we only use stainless steel screws (V4A)

Is an AK cover planned?

Covers for transfemoral amputees can already be requested as freestyle covers.

How long does the cover ordering process take?

Ordering a SpectrumCover via the Mecuris Solution Platform takes between 5-15 minutes. Delivery including quality checks and industrial 3D printing takes about 3 weeks + international shipping. There may be a longer delivery time for the FreestyleCover - this depends on the extent of the individual adaptations and changes.

Is the material compatible with the skin?

We make sure that all materials that are regularly in contact with the skin are skin-friendly and biocompatible. We would be pleased to send you the respective product certification. Simply contact us and indicate the product name.

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