Webinars for Orthopedic Technicians and O&P Clinicians


Digital work in orthotics? It's easier than ever before! Convince yourself and get to know the entire digital process chain.

Are you a certified prosthetist/orthotist or technician and would like to learn more about digitization in the O&P industry or exchange ideas with colleagues? In our hands-on workshops and webinars, we show you how you can digitally create customized orthosis with the help of the digital process chain.

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Get your CEUs: Our first webinars are accredited by the ABC (American Board for Certification) for CEUs. See the respective details below. More to come.

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Get to know the Mecuris Solution Platform!
In this starter-webinar, you'll learn how to create an orthosis in 3 steps using digital tools fast and easy. Everything from the upload of a scan until the download of a finished .stl-file, that only needs to be send to a manufacturing partner.

You'll learn how to:

> digitally correct the pose of a patient scan
> model a functional form
> create an orthosis design

6-7 pm CET (EUR) 12-1 pm EST (US)
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How to Create an AFO Ready for 3D Printing

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ABC accredited:
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Use cases: Let's get more into the details!
Let's bring your CAD skills to another level. Gain deeper knowledge with our advanced webinars, so working with the Mecuris Solution Platform will be even better.

You'll learn more about how to:
> create a functional form for hand orthoses
> create a functional form for the whole leg
> easily correct, model and configure clubfoot orthoses


Next DeepDive
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DeepDive Spastic hand [Watch video]

DeepDive Clubfoot [Watch video]

DeepDive KAFO [Watch video + earn 1.25 CEU'S]


Digital manufacturing

We also want to support you along the digital proccess chain with webinars. With our digital manufacturing webinar, we'll give you an insight into how you can 3D print or mill your digitally created tools.

You'll learn more about how to:
> Milling or 3D printing: the digital functional form as a basis for thermoforming.
> 3D printing vs. industrial 3D printing: from fit check to high-quality orthosis
> Material science: which materials are suitable for which process




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VIDEO LIBRARY: Expert knowledge for your successful entry into the digital world.

6 hands-on webinar recordings make it easy to get started! 
These videos are waiting for you:

> Digital process chain: From a scan to a finished orthosis
> Digital workshop: How to create an AFO ready for 3D printing
> Digital manufacturing made easy: milling and 3D printing in O&P
> Example 1: Modeling a positive model of a lower leg
> Example 2: Creation of a club foot orthosis for the lower leg
> Example 3: Posture correction, modeling and creation of a drop hand orthosis


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Earning Continuing Education Credits (CEUs):


Certification to practition as a orthotist, prostetist or pedorthist in the US is time-limited. To maintain certification a medical professional needs to earn a required number of credits (CEUs) in a five-year period. Mecuris offers CEUs for certain webinars (more to come).

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11. Okt. 2022 | 10 - 11 Uhr

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