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You define the future: training offer for students of orthopaedic technology

New webinar format for young CPOs

They're young, they're digital, and they're defining what tomorrow's orthotics technology will look like. With our new webinar format "Invest In The Future”, we’re inviting the next generation of CPOs to look beyond their own horizons and use the possibilities of digital tools themselves and learn about alternatives to traditional work in the workshop. After all, the future of orthopedic technology holds many ways to enable even better, faster care for users. This is why we invite students to actively test the Mecuris Solution Platform’s tools in an interactive and practice-oriented online seminars. Let them experience the advantages of the digital process chain for creating orthosis blanks on their own.

Successful start in May

65 students and four teachers took part in Mecuris’ first Invest In The Future seminars at the beginning of May. We invited three groups. Masters’ students from the Carl Bosch School in Heidelberg and two senior classes from the Kerschensteiner School in Stuttgart to Zoom Calls. In order to specifically address questions, problems and suggestions, the participants were also divided into break-out sessions after an introduction. Furthermore, they were assisted by a personal coach from Mecuris.

While distance learning in pandemic times is nothing unusual for students, the two-and-a-half-hour seminars were conducted somewhat differently. This is because Invest In The Future clearly focuses on practical experience and the students' own active participation with the tools.

Creating orthoses in practice - despite Covid-19

First, our expert Ylli Binakaj gave a brief introduction to the knowledge needed to create an orthotic blank from 3D scanning, to machining in the digital workshop, to manufacturing in industrial 3D printing.

Afterwards, the tools of the Mecuris Solution Platform were explained and the participants then released for trying it out in small groups (breakout sessions). This allowed everyone to click through the software themselves and get a feel for the digital tools. The guideline was the task of creating an orthosis for a lower leg. For this purpose, the students were able to use a test scan. Reference points could be set on this leg and a posture correction made. Following this, the actual purpose form was modeled and finally the design of the orthosis (edge course, holes, patterns) was determined.

"I thought it was outstanding that everyone could try it out for themselves - without messing anything up!"

Of course, what we were particularly interested in after these pioneer webinars was the feedback from the future CPOs. What was new? What added value did they derive from the event?

They particularly appreciated the good explanations, the opportunity to ask questions and to try everything out for themselves. The Mecuris Solution Platform was "a very intuitive program, even for newcomers", which "made it easy to get started with CAD modeling". Teacher Rainer Drüke also praised the good technical implementation and the "great event." "I don't think we can get around digitalization," Drüke appropriately noted, and is already thinking about permanently integrating the webinar into the curriculum.

Mecuris CEO Peter Fröhlingsdorf also sees the Invest In The Future seminar format as an important step into the future: "This way we can reach the CPOs of tomorrow and also make the Mecuris Solution Platform even more intuitive in direct exchange."

You are in training and want to participate in an Invest In The Future seminar?

We are looking forward to meeting you! Because our mission to digitize the manufacturing of assistive devices has just begun. We want to take you along on this journey! Because we believe that investing in the future is always the right decision.

You can find more information about Invest In The Future here.


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