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Patent granted for digital workflow in orthopedic technology

We aim to assist clinicians worldwide in seamlessly integrating digital technologies into their workflows. In 2018, we were among the pioneering companies to introduce the concept of the "digital workspace" at the prominent OTWorld trade fair. Apart from holding patents for our hardware, we are thrilled to announce the recent granting of our first patent for our digital approach to orthopedic technology. This achievement marks a significant milestone that we will leverage to further enhance our position in the market as a leading digital service provider.

Patent for digital workflow in orthopedic technology granted for Mecuris
Wolf-Peter Werner, CEO and Bianca Weber, COO proud of the team effort

The digital process chain: indispensable for securing individual fittings in orthopedic technology in the long term.

From our perspective, the relationship between patients and prosthetists/orthotists, as well as the experience of the latter, are crucial for delivering optimal orthopedic care. We understand that individually fitted prostheses or orthoses are considered the state-of-the-art solution for specialists. However, we acknowledge that various factors such as cost, time constraints, and the shortage of skilled professionals can often limit the availability of this type of fitting. As a result, off-the-shelf products become a viable alternative.

Mecuris, since its establishment seven years ago, has been committed to supporting prosthetists and orthotists in enhancing the efficiency of individual fittings through digital processes. We take pride in being one of the pioneering companies to focus on digitalization at the leading orthopedics trade fair, OTWOrld in 2018. As a Munich-based startup based in both Munich and Atlanta, we have consistently pushed forward the concept of "digital customization" for orthopedic devices. Our mission is to empower specialists with cutting-edge digital tools to provide personalized and effective solutions for patients.

Patent grant as a milestone for the future in orthopedic technology

With the patent approval for "Digital Tailoring," we feel affirmed in our approach and celebrate this significant milestone in our company's history. "In our patent portfolio - consisting of over 20 applications - the first patent has now been granted, and the next grant is imminent" says our CEO and co-founder Wolf-Peter Werner. "On the one hand, this shows that our path is successful, and on the other hand, that our product has unique selling propositions, which we want to expand and secure via further patents in the future," Wolf-Peter adds with enthusiasm.

For Wolf-Peter, obtaining this "origin patent" marks just the beginning of Mecuris' journey towards becoming a key player in the digital creation of personalized devices as a service provider. "It is now logical for us to further develop additional software components and patent protect them in a timely manner," affirms Wolf-Peter.

At Mecuris, success is not solely measured by economic achievements; The entire team is deeply committed to its social responsibility. "Our solution enables professionals worldwide to create individualized care solutions, even in decentralized settings, in the medium to long term. Improving the quality of life for users and patients is important to us," emphasizes Bianca Weber, COO, and Head of Software Development at Mecuris.

We sees our services as an integral part of the digital value chain, from scanning to software to manufacturing, all working together optimally. "The enormous strides in development that we have witnessed in the industry in recent years in our core markets of Germany and the USA give reason to believe that we are progressing faster than anticipated, together with prosthetists and orthotists as well as the economy" Bianca adds to her findings.

Platform architecture as a success factor

In addition to broadening the range of services provided by our proprietary software, we are consistently working towards expanding its platform architecture. By doing so, we are not only strengthening the foundation of our software solution but also actively extending it further. "In the medium term, our users do not want to struggle with different solutions. Therefore, we are continuously developing our software and, based on clear market priorities, integrating valuable partners into our platform." Wolf-Peter explains regarding the company's future path.

We look forward to letting you know more about our next steps soon....


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