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Mecuris Changelog



Tillges Technologies as new supplier


On the Mecuris Solution Platform you can find potential service providers for your end product under "Service > Manufacturing service providers". Whether 3D printing or milling, we would like to provide you with some contacts in case you do not have a manufacturing capability yourself or you are still looking for the right partner. With the US company Tillges Technologies, our range of services is growing.

More information on Tillges Technologies: Website

Support & information on digital fabrication: Elenea Lopez (



Interactive how-tos replace videos

new help center

We have revised a valuable help resource for you - instead of the familiar videos, interactive how-tos are now available on the platform for every tool! With the how-tos, you can achieve success even faster or specifically look up again how to use a certain too.

How-tos available in English & German.

What are how-tos?

How-tos are short explanations. In our case, this refers to help in the form of interactive explanatory texts that guide you step by step through the use of a tool and show you how something works.

Where can I find the how-tos?

In the tools (Correction, Modeling & Creator) as well as on the start page you will find the new how-tos in the bottom right corner in the help center. Just click on them and start working. As often as you like.

How do I make the most of the how-tos?

The How-tos will help you if you get stuck or are not sure how a tool on the Mecuris Solution Platform works. We have based many explanations on the example of a lower leg - but that doesn't matter, you can transfer the knowledge to all body parts.



New objects: Add a toebox

new improvement

You are working on your positive model and want to add objects? No problem! For this purpose, the "merge" tool is available in Mecuris3D Modeling. There you have the possibility to attach a sphere, a cube, a toe box (new!) or your own file to your model. Just follow the three steps and then click on "merge two objects together".

Click to view



Scan Clean-up in the Mecuris3D Modeling

new improvement beta

*Update: Beta phase successfully ended*

The new feature "Scan Clean-up" within the Mecuris3D Modeling tool allows practitioners to get their patient scans ready for further processing in our software.

There are two main functions within the Scan Clean-up feature. The first one removes unwanted fragments from your scan with just a few clicks. The second function allows you to close all holes and performs a remesh of your scan. A remesh recalculates the surface of your scan to ensure that defects of your scan are removed and quick processing times are possible.

Convince yourself on the Mecuris Solution Platform [Log-In].



Mecuris3D Creator: Smooth out the trimline automatically now

new improvement

Your life just got easier when you design an orthosis: As before, you set the trimline point by point in the way that best matches your patient's needs. However, you no longer need to optimize the yellow and green points manually.

This process is now eliminated by the new function "Smooth contour" saving you valuable time. This function is already preselected by default, but can also be deactivated at any time if you prefer to set the points manually.

Yellow - green - yellow: Points are positioned in the right way automatically.

Moving points as a unit is also easier now: just grab one of the green dots and the two associated yellow dots will automatically move with it. The radius can also be easily adjusted in this way – when a yellow point is moved, the associated second yellow point changes at the same time.

In the following video excerpt you can see how this works:

Watch the full video on the Mecuris Solution Platform [Log-In].



Tour through the MSP: Valuable extension of the help center

new feature

Join us on a digital journey through the Mecuris Solution Platform!

To help you get up to speed quickly, seven short tours will guide you step by step through the Mecuris Solution Platform in a fun & interactive way. Your tour guide is an experienced orthopedic technician and knows what is important when creating orthotics and prosthetics. Along the way, you can get active yourself - let's go!

💡 Attention! One very special tour is hidden among the seven tours: "In 15 minutes to the finished orthosis". In this one, you will learn all the steps to digitally create an orthosis yourself. If you successfully download a finished orthosis design at the end, we'll give you 5 free downloads!

▶️ The tours simply explained in 30 seconds:

Check it out on the Mecuris Solution Platform now [Log-In].

If you would like to deepen and expand your knowledge afterwards, our free E-Learning program offers you the corresponding content. [Learn more]



New cutting tools on the Mecuris Solution Platform

new improvement

In Mecuris3D Modeling you will find new tools for cutting positive models or patient scans. This makes working on the Mecuris Solution Platform even faster and easier for removing pieces or fragments from your scan. The existing tool has been enhanced and made easier to use, which allows cutting your model with an object. However, we have developed a new tool that cuts your model using a plane. Let's have a closer look:

Cut with object: This tool allows you to import an object (cube, sphere or a custom object) into the scene and use it as a cutting object. After adding the desired object into the workspace, you can scale it and move it to the suitable position.

Cut with plane: When selecting this tool you can create a horizontal plane. This plane can be moved to the desired position while holding the Shift key. You will notice that a colored preview becomes visible. This allows you to choose which part of the model you want to remove.



All information in one place: New help center

new feature

No clue what to do next? We've all been there. We all know the struggle. With the new help center on the Mecuris Solution Platform, you'll never not find a solution for a problem. In each view, it helps you with practical videos, informative FAQs, even gives you tips & tricks on how to use your mouse. Furthermore, an overview of shortcuts for each tool helps you to work even faster and more efficiently.

All in one place. Easy to find. Just click on the orange bubble on the bottom right & choose from a variety of our resourceful, evergrowing help center.

Experience now live on the Mecuris Solution Platform [Log-In].



ScanConnect: Easy transfer of your scans from TechMed directly to the Mecuris Solution Platform

new feature

In the data storage, you will find the "Scans" section. This is where you can locate the scan files you sent from your 3DSizeMe application to the Mecuris Solution Platform. From there, you can get started with the scans directly in a desired tool.

What are the benefits of ScanConnect?

  • Time saving: You no longer have to send a scan file by email and upload it manually to the Mecuris Solution Platform - now it only takes one click!

  • Cost saving: It's cheaper to "pay" for your scan via your Mecuris download quota.

  • Storage space: In the Mecuris data storage you will find your scans clearly arranged and securely stored in the cloud. It will not occupy any additional storage space on your tablet or computer.

  • Automated scan clean-up: Before you send a scan to Mecuris, it gets automatically cleaned from fragments (holes, spikes,..).

Quick Starter Guide - Scanner Integration
Download PDF • 4.92MB

You can find a video tutorial on the Mecuris Solution Platform [Log-In].

💡 Info For Basic and Enterprise customers, scan transfers are free of charge. If you use the Free subscription, we charge for a scan transfer 1 download. You can view, upgrade or change your subscription at any time in your settings on the Mecuris Solution Platform.



Better organized with the new data storage

new feature

The Mecuris Solution Platform takes another strong step towards digitalization. With the new data storage, you can now create (patient) projects, securely save edited models and perform other project organization actions: Create notes, rename files, reorder projects,...

In addition to your own projects, you will also find your scans and your download history in the data storage, so you can always keep your projects in order.

Read detailed information about the new data storage in this blog post.



Even more patient treatments possible in the Mecuris3D Creator

new improvement

Mecuris3D Creator has received a major update. We introduce an advanced solution for creating individual orthosis. It is now no longer necessary to set landmarks when creating i.e. AFOs. This makes the tool even easier and faster to use.

On top of that, you can now use the Mecuris3D Creator for other body parts as well. This makes it possible to create orthoses for the whole leg or the whole arm. Depending on the patient case and the chosen manufacturing method, you have the possibility to use the Mecuris3D Creator for even more treatments.

Are you interested to learn more about this topic? [Read more]

If you are interested in what the Mecuris3D Creator is capable of, we recommend our on demand webinar "How to Create an AFO Ready for 3D Printing". Watch it here and earn 1,25 CEU's along the way



Available now: Adjust circumferences of a residual limb

new improvement

In this feature of the Mecuris3DModeling Offset tool you can change circumferences of a patient scan (i.e. a residual limb) with a few clicks. After taking interval measurements you are able to adjust circumferences in percent, millimeters or with a section offset.

This new feature allows you to reduce or increase sections of a residual limb by a defined value (i.e. 2 %). You will always be able to keep track of all your changes (i.e. reducing the circumference, smoothing, applying material etc.) by looking into the interval measurement bar (see screenshot below).

Are you curious what this looks like? Learn more in this video:


JUNE 2022

Work faster: Take interval measurements digitally

new improvement

Now you can create vertical and horizontal measurement planes in the Mecuris3D Modeling at specific intervals, e.g. at a distance of 3cm. This allows you to determine exactly how much circumference (in percentages and millimeters) you want to add or remove - the control remains entirely yours, even when working digitally!

As you only have to set one plane as a starting point and the interval tool will take all measurements automatically, it also saves you some time. And don't worry about a manual documentation - all measurements will be automatically saved in a PDF file, that you can download any time, free of charge.


MAY 2022

Now live: Mecuris3D Creator Hand + Mecuris3D ArmSplint

new improvement

As a highlight at OTWorld 2022 we are presenting the enhancement of the Mecuris3D Creator for the arm and hand. It is the ideal complement to the pose correction and creation of a positive model for the hand. Now you can create print-ready orthotic shells for upper extremities with our software. Whether you use the tool on its own, or as part of the full workflow Mecuris3D ArmSplint. The new functionality within the Mecuris3D Creator will provide clinicians with a full and efficient design toolset for patients needing individual hand or wrist - hand orthoses.

Curious on how this fits in with your work?


MAY 2022

More design freedom in the Mecuris3D Creator: Set as many perforation holes as you like

new improvement

With the Mecuris3D Creator you are completely free in your design. Now we're going one step further: the latest update to the design tool in the Mecuris3D Creator tool now allows you to place perforation holes at any desired position and even multiple times. The advantage is obvious: the finished orthosis thus becomes really lightweight. The patient´s level of comfort over many hours can significantly be increased.


MAY 2022

Upload now OBJ files (color per vertex)

new improvement

In addition to the previous data format .stl, you can now also upload .obj files into the Mecuris3D Correction and Mecuris3D Modeling tools for further processing.

With this file format color information from a patient scan can be passed into the modification tool. Thus, you are able to mark certain area while scanning, e.g. to highlight pressure points, and see them on the scan later on.

Please note: our software only processes color per vertex .obj files and not textured/wavefront .objs. How do you know you have the right file? Color per vertex .objs consist of only one single file. Textured/wavefront .objs consist of three individual files, which only play out the desired information when digitally combined. They do not transport the necessary information separately.


MAY 2022

Optimized Measurement tool: set axes in the Mecuris3D Modeling

new improvement

As a new additional tool you now have the possibility to set an axis in the Mecuris3D Modeling tool, e.g. along the bony structure of a patient scan. This allows you to align the scan even faster in your processing frame.


APRIL 2022

Will Mecuris remain free of charge? Changes from April 27


From April 27, 2022 Mecuris will offer three different pricing models: Free, Basic and Advanced. You will use the Mecuris Solution Platform itself permanently for free, only the downloads you make will incur various costs, depending on which plan you choose:




5 downloads/month

50 downloads/month

100 downloads/month




The number of downloads renews at the start of each new booking month. If the downloads are not sufficient, there is the possibility to purchase additional download packages:

Download Package 10

Download Package 100

Download Package 500


additional downloads


additional downloads


additional downloads

​$99 (one-time)

$890 (one-time)

$3.950 (one-time)

Unlike the Free, Basic and Advanced subscriptions, the download packages do not expire at the start of the new booking month.

For whom is which model suitable?

Do you have a lot of treatments on a regular basis? Then we recommend the Basic or Advanced plan. If you notice at the end of the month that your download quota is not sufficient, you can, for example, get the Download Package 10 and benefit from an additional 10 downloads.

If you are more likely to have a lot of downloads from time to time, the Free plan in combination with the Download Package 100 or 500 is the right choice for you. Depending on how long these downloads last, you can flexibly add a new download package.

And now? These are the next steps:

As of April 27, 2022, you will notice a few changes in your Mecuris account in the top menu bar and in your user account. Your account will now automatically switch to the Free plan. You can upgrade your account at any time - either switch to another plan or book yourself one of the available download packages.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us:


MARCH 2022

New manufacturing service providers: PMT & EXTOL


Whether you want to have the digital production of your orthosis in-house or carried out externally is, of course, up to you. We can only recommend a selection of printing service providers with whom we have already had good experiences. Please keep in mind, if you choose a manufacturing service provider, Mecuris does not receive any commission. All further steps are agreed with the supplier.

Here's how to find the right manufacturing partner:

  1. Click on "Service" in the top menu bar.

  2. In the service area you will find the option "Manufacturing Service Providers". Click on "Suppliers".

  3. Here you will see an overview of all manufacturing service providers we recommend. Use the appropriate filters to define what, how and where you would like to have manufactured.

  4. Once you have decided on a service provider, you can contact them by e-mail using the "Contact now" button.



Digital pose correction now available for the knee!

new improvement

As of today, the pose of the knee or the entire leg can be corrected in addition to the feet and hands. This is especially helpful when caring for bedridden patients for whom a plaster cast is almost impossible.

The Mecuris3D Correction tool makes it possible to scan such patients in an uncorrected position and then perform the pose correction digitally: the knee joint can thus be adjusted extremely accurately and even difficult corrections can be made anatomically and without setting complicated axes or the like.

Load patient or test scan now and get started!

  1. Log in to the Mecuris Solution Platform

  2. Select the Mecuris3D Correction tool

  3. Click on the body area where you want to perform a pose correction

  4. Set reference points

  5. Correct the scan in the ankle joint, forefoot and knee

  6. Download the corrected scan or proceed with the modeling tool



Your path to success: E-Learning


It's finally here: our new E-Learning program. This offers you exciting videos on the topics of scanning, digital modeling and design, and digital production of orthoses. Once you have gone through the program, you are guaranteed to be a pro at working digitally!

That's why participating in the E-Learning program is worthwhile:

  • neither expensive nor time-consuming: the program is free of charge and you decide for yourself what content you want to acquire and when

  • remain flexible: you can take breaks at any time & replay the videos several times

  • easy to get started: after the E-Learning program you are guaranteed to be able to use the Mecuris Solution Platform. If desired, additional knowledge can be gained in the areas of scanning and digital manufacturing!

Learn more & register directly (free of charge):



Any amount of cutting lines enable multi-shell orthoses

new improvement

With the Mecuris3D Creator tool, it was previously only possible to add one cutting line. From now on, multiple cutting lines are possible.

These are the advantages:

✔️ the construction of an orthosis from several parts

✔️ more design freedom regarding e.g. complex shapes (e.g. frame constructions)

✔️ an orthosis light of weight and more comfortable for the patient

Here's a guide on how you define a contour in the Mecuris3D Creator:



Many new how-to videos make it easier to use the MSP tools


Who doesn't know it: You are in the middle of something and then one thing doesn't work. You just can't get any further and no one is available to help... That's over now! We have included many short videos at several points in the Mecuris Solution Platform to help you better understand the tools and functions.

If, for example, you are in the process of modeling a functional form and no longer know how the cutting, smoothening, or application tool works, you can watch individual videos for this purpose. You can find them via the play icon next to the question mark in the lower right corner of your screen.

In each tool you will find different videos on the respective functions. There are about 20 videos in total, such as:



New functionality: global smoothening in the Mecuris3D Modeling tool

new improvement

Global smoothing tool - smooth your functional form with just one click

Let's say your functional form has several areas that need to be smoothed. In the past, you would have worked the plaster so hard the dust would have been everywhere.

Wouldn´t it be handy if you could now digitally smooth these areas all at once with just one click? Instead of having to deal with each irregularity individually...

Good News: Exactly this function is now available in the Mecuris3D Modeling tool! It is called "Global Smooth" and can be selected via the "Smooth" feature in the left menu. Here you can set an intensity from 0 to 10, which is then used to smooth the entire model. This is definitely the fastest way to make sure that all the imperfections are evened out and even all the hairs that have been perpetuated in the scan will disappear.

With the global smoothening tool you can smooth an entire object with one click.



Now available for everyone: Pose correction for the hand

new improvement

As of today it is live, the pose correction for the hand! After an intensive beta phase, in which we reviewed the valuable feedback from your colleagues and optimized the application, all users of the Mecuris Solution Platform can now benefit from this new feature. From now on, you can digitally correct your uncorrected hand scans in the wrist as well as in the fingers and thumb within the Mecuris3D Correction tool - it doesn't get any faster than that!



Technical documentation in just one click

new feature

To make it easier for you to create the technical documentation for your special production, you now have the option of downloading relevant data as a PDF file. In addition to supply details, you will receive the following information for each tool used, which you can view, save and check afterwards:

  • Mecuris3D Correction: angle changes of all corrected joints

  • Mecuris 3D Modeling: circumference and length measurements

  • Mecuris3D Creator: design parameters such as wall thickness, number and dimension of holes, design elements and color

Download PDF • 63KB



Mecuris3D Correction: hand pose correction in its beta version

new improvement beta

From now on, the extension for the hand is available as a beta version on the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) in the Mecuris3D Correction tool. This enables you to use this innovative tool in a completely new way, also in the area of the upper extremities. Now you can digitally correct the uncorrected scan of a hand in a time-saving manner. You can then use Mecuris3D Modeling to model the digitally corrected scan to create an individual functional form for functional hand orthoses with or without joints. You can then CNC mill this form, for instance, and finish the orthosis in your usual process. Get a beta tester now and actively co-design the future of this tool. Find out more in our on-demand webinar: Create a positive model for the hand



New design (3|3): tools & workflow directly accessible on start screen

new improvement

We have fundamentally redesigned the user interface of the start page. The tools Mecuris3D Correction, Mecuris3D Modeling & Mecuris3D Creator as well as the workflow Mecuris3D NightSplint can now be accessed seperately with one click directly from the start page. This means more freedom & flexibility for you to decide at which point you want to enter the digital process.



New design (2|3): overview pages for more clarity

new improvement

On the well-structured overview pages, after using a tool, you now have the option to flexibly decide how far you want to use the digital process or at which point you want to switch to the traditional work process. For this purpose, the following options are available on the new overview pages: Download models as STL files, continue working with another tool or get info on the manufacturing of your final product.



New design (3|3): pre-selection of body parts & test scans available

new improvement

Before you start working with a tool, you can now pre-select the body part you want to work on. In addition, a test scan is available for editing for each body part in the upload view. Login in & check it out!



Additive manufacturing - find your service provider

new feature

You can now access a selection of manufacturing service providers for the production of your processed models in the Mecuris Solution Platform.

To find the right service provider, simply use the filter function. By clicking on the button "Contact now" you can easily send an e-mail request to the respective contact person. The page can be accessed after using a tool or workflow in the overview page, as well as in the service section of the navigation bar.


JUNE 2021

Make 2 out of 1: the mirror function

new improvement

With our software you save time - and now twice! With the new mirror function, you can now easily mirror individual objects - regardless of whether it's a whole body part or a single, uploaded auxiliary object. In the video you can see how to create a mirrored counterpart with just one click:


JUNE 2021

Mecuris3D Creator - your tool to configure & design orthotics

new feature

Now orthotists configure and design orthotic blanks for transtibial orthoses independently in mere minutes with our new tool - the Mecuris3D Creator. Read more


APRIL 2021

Focus on core business: full speed ahead for our digital services


Concentrating on our core business - our digital product portfolio - the Mecuris Solution Platform presents itself in a completely new design and with a new user interface. You want a personal demo of the tools on the Mecuris Solution Platform? You can see availabilities for a personal call right here.


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