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Mecuris goes international with its CADCAM software - Clear focus on core business

We at Mecuris are committed to the digital transformation in the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Not only since the pandemic, we´ve seen a strong increase in the use of our software services, the Mecuris Solution Platform. This development encourages us to fully focus on our software solutions and to expand our global footprint. This is a step towards continuing our original founding idea. We want to put the production of individualized aids by means of practice-oriented software in the hands of medical professionals in the orthopedic industry. With our successful digital strategy concept, we want to enable medical professionals to complement their traditional working environment with digital workflows and tools for creating individualized aids - worldwide.

Focus on the core business

Today, more and more CPOs and medical professionals perceive digitalization as an important step into the future of their industry. Being an enabler in the field of digitalization of orthopedic technology, Mecuris has decisively shaped, if not changed, the industry in recent years. The digital creation of individual aids via a user interface that is as easy to use as possible is a reality in many medical supply stores. The prerequisites are now in place in Germany, as well as, internationally. The scanner capabilities now available and the increasingly dense network of high-quality printing and milling facilities enable the industry to make optimum use of new technologies. "That's why we are now taking the next step and directing more resources to the area of software development. At the same time, investors are ready to expand their involvement," explains Johannes Schneider-Littfeld, Chairman of our Advisory Board.

Mecuris’ mission

"From the very beginning, we wanted to enable CPOs to independently create digital files for printing or milling with easy-to-use software. Thereby, supplementing their physical workshop with digital tools," says CEO Peter Fröhlingsdorf, summing up our founding idea. This original concept is more relevant today than ever before. The orthopedic technology industry has taken a huge step toward digitization in the past five years. Triggers for the increasing professionalization in 3D modeling and designing on screen are both pandemic-related changes and the industry's general drive for innovation. In addition, we at Mecuris have been able to convince and prove this concept with our additively manufactured patient aids, thereby reducing concerns regarding materials used, quality issues and functionality.

Along with quality, accuracy and flexibility, a major influence in a CPO’s decision to use digital solutions boils down to speeding up delivery times without any compromises on the finished product. Specifically, accelerating the customization during fitting, saving on manufacturing resources and simultaneously maximizing patient consultation time for everyone. Allowing medical professionals to hold onto their know-how and implementing the possibilities of computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) processes independently are key factors in choosing to implement our software: The Mecuris Solution Platform’s digital workshop translates trusted physical tools into easily applicable processes. Therefore, medical professionals can quickly and independently make individual treatments digitally. The remarkable thing is that the medical professional doesn’t need any previous experience or knowledge of 3D technologies to use our digital workshop. The practice-oriented platform offers all the essential steps and tools for the respective goal, which significantly reduces the working time and on-site presence in a physical workshop. The technical expertise remains entirely with the medical professional. In turn, the time gained can be used for treating more patients, either locally or remotely. The medical professional can freely choose.

Global rollout and further development of the digital workshop

We will thus focus this year on the development of further digital tools and workflows as well as on the international rollout of its software.

In addition, we will continue to be available to our customers for questions related to scanning, milling and 3D-printing. We are therefore increasing the frequency of our hands-on training program and adding new expert courses to share our knowledge of digital manufacturing. This will make it much easier to get started with our technology, which will be available in a freemium model. Medical supply stores of all sizes can thus economically tap into the benefits of digitalization.

Prosthetic feet, covers & co

What does this mean for our 3D printed prosthetic feet and covers? All previous orders can still be found in the Mecuris Solution Platform but we will not process new orders.

If you have any questions regarding your previous orders, please do not hesitate to contact our service team at Tel: +49 89 200057-300 or


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