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Let´s help in Nepal

A successful year for the digitization of orthopedic technology comes to an end: As of now, we support Handicap International with their rehabilitation projects in Nepal.

A Look Back at 2020 - A Successful Year for Mecuris

An open mind towards alternative, digital manufacturing methods and a readiness for the digitalization of essential process steps: as a provider of digital services for orthopedic technology, we registered such positive effects looking back at this crazy Covid-year.

As early as March, right at the beginning of the first lockdown in Germany, we launched our "Digital Orthotic Workshop" providing the industry with a new tool for digitally creating orthoses for the lower extremities in a simple workflow. Together with the "Digital Prosthetic Workshop", which has already been available on the market since 2016, the two units now form the core of the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP). This platform enables certified prosthetist orthotists (CPOs) to provide customer fittings regardless of time and place, to respond to individual customer wishes and to realize them by means of 3D printing. The result is a customized aid in terms of color, form and function that can have a positive impact on the user's quality of life.

During the summer, we gave the entire platform a new look and an even more user-friendly interface. This we presented at OTWorld.connect in October. The industry's lighthouse event was held digitally for the first time. We not only presented product innovations in a two-day live streaming, but also hosted interesting discussions and provided visitors with tips & training.

Just in time for OT World.connect, we were happy to introduce two novelties: The Mecuris DynamiCover was launched. It is a particularly flexible prosthetic cover using TPU-material, which was specially developed to fit the feet of the Össur Pro-Flex® family. It convinces with an elegant design, a direct connection to the foot shell and offers high functionality as well. Secondly we gave our NexStep an update.

The new version of the Mecuris NexStep - the individually adaptable, 3D-printed prosthetic foot - now positions itself even more strongly as an all-round foot that won't break a sweat in any everyday situation.

Let's help Nepal: Mecuris’ mission is anchored in a strong partnership

The driving force behind the Mecuris’ founding was, and still is, to work with the prosthetist to improve the quality of life of wearers through customized fittings. We work hard on this mission and the vision behind it. However, there are always several ways to get closer to this end. Through the cooperation with the non-profit organization Handicap International, we are now able to pass on a part of its success and to support where help is urgently needed. From now on, under the motto "Let's help", ten euros of each product purchased at Mecuris will go to Handicap International for their projects in Nepal.

Among other things, the organization supports needy children and teenagers there with orthopedic aids and rehabilitation services. Even several years after the end of the civil war, almost half of the population in this South Asian country (on the border with India and the People's Republic of China) lives below the poverty line. Access to education and work is complicated, and health care is inadequate. Especially after the tragic earthquake in 2015, which killed more than 8,700 people and injured around 22,400, support services for people with disabilities are needed more urgently than ever.

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