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Mecuris Solution Platform -
Your Digital Workspace for
Orthopedic Aids



Create orthosis digitally.
flexible - intuitive - efficient

In the Mecuris Solution Platform, your digital orthotics workshop, we provide you with digital tools for variable use or individual workflows for creating specific types of orthoses. You can use these online - intuitively, flexibly and efficiently.

The tools are practically derived from traditional craftsmanship.  They offer you the possibility to flexibly integrate them into your workflows. The selection of applicable tool features is reduced to the essentials. This keeps everything clear for you and saves you tedious training time.


With the paradigmatic overall workflows, you can create step by step printing data for specific orthosis types. With these workflows, you can quickly orient yourself within the digital tools.  Soon, you’ll want to move beyond them. Of course, we're always at your side every step of the way.


The individual tools at a glance

We’re presenting our three tools you can work with in the Mecuris Solution Platform: Mecuris3D Correction, Mecuris3D Modeling and Mecuris3D Creator.

Each of these tools is based on the relevant  steps in the physical workshop. They’re  effectively using CAD/CAM software quickly.  Individual work steps can also be partially automated with the help of Mecuris algorithms. You decide whether you, yourself want to "lend a hand" or simply check the result of the individual work steps.

Mecuris3D Correction

Mecuris3D Correction

No scanning in a corrected posture, necessary! Now make posture corrections from user scans or even scanned functional forms digitally.

Correction of positioning & functional orthoses for the lower leg,
whole leg and hand

Scan a patient in a corrected or uncorrected pose and simply correct it digitally

Possibility to pose correct existing functional forms

Upload file: Patient scan, scan functional form (.stl or .obj)

Download file: corrected, unmodeled 3D positive model (.stl)

Mecuri3D Modeling

Mecuris3D Modeling

Model all types of functional forms in this easy-to-use tool: Perpendicular alignment, buildup/ removal, smoothing, mark-up, cutting, inserting your own 3D shapes, joining and measuring.

Positioning and functional orthoses for the lower and upper extremities as well as trunk and head

Upload file: Patient scan, scan functional form (.stl or .obj)

Download file: corrected, unmodeled 3D positive model (.stl)

Mecuris3D Creator

Mecuris3D Creator

Instead of thermoforming, now it’s time to digitally configure and design the final lower leg orthosis blank.

Determine the course of the edge, select the wall thickness
Set slotted and round holes for locking systems
Design the model with various creative patterns

Upload file: Scan or functional form (.stl)

Download file: 3D file orthosis blank for printing (.stl)


Workflows to create orthoses for the upper and lower extremities digitally

Workflows offered on the Mecuris Solution Platform guide you step by step to the desired goal: an individual printing file for an orthosis type you’ve selected. 

Mecuris3D LegSplint and Mecuris3D ArmSplint

Avatar Leg-Arm.gif

Simple and intuitive navigation - from uploading the scan file to downloading the final 3D printing file.

Reduce your time & presence in the physical workshop (see graphic below): On average, the digital workflow takes only 45 minutes, experienced users can even do it in under 15 minutes!

MSP Icons (5).png
MSP Icons (4).png
Digitale Orthesen erstellen - erster Schritt der 3D Scan .jpg
Digitale Orthesenwerkstatt - Online individuelle Orthesen erstellen
3D-gedruckte Orthesen - digital erstellt, additiv gefertigt

Step 1:

First, you perform the anamnesis and the 3D scan

on the patient. Then you upload the scan file into the Mecuris Solution Platform

Step 2:

Correct, model, configure - The digital editing continues with the Mecuris Solution Platform’s tools.

Step 3:

After you’ve sent the finished file to 3D printing, follow up on finalizing the finishing (locks) and fitting.

Beispiel Workflow


You have registered on the Mecuris Solution Platform and would like to be guided step by step? In our e-learning program you'll get to know every tool and function in short videos & quizzes. Furthermore, you can also educate yourself in the areas of scanning and digital manufacturing.

Step 1: 
Register on the Mecuris Solution Platform for free.

Mecuris E-Learning.png

Step 2: 
Choose your modules & start with the e-learning.

Create Orthosis and Prosthesis online

Within the software on the Mecuris Solution Platform we provide you with digital workflows and tools for creating orthoptic splints.

Physical Workshop & manufacturing


Digital workshop


Fitting on user

Fitting on user

Create cast

Vorteile MSP-Seite

That's why CPOs trust our CAD/CAM software:

CAD_CAM Software Mecuris3D - kurze Einarbeitungszeit.png

The efficient way to customize treatments


Intuitive tools that translate your craft into digital workflows

CAD_CAM Software Mecuris3D - verlässlich.png

The powerful addition that keeps your craft flexible

CTA Holen Sie sich Zukunft

Bring the future into your workshop!

Secure your free access to the Mecuris Solution Platform right now and start using our intuitive software to fit your preferred processes. 

Start using the software free of charge including 5 downloads per month
Save time by working digitally
Stay flexible in combining traditional worksteps with 3D technology however you chose

We support you!

E-Learning Graphics (13)_edited.png

Get to know the Mecuris Solution Platform better! Beside our webinars, you can arrange a personal appointment. Or remain independent? Our video library with useful explanations, tips & tricks will help you. If you want to become an expert in 3d scanning, digital modeling and construction as well as manufacturing, we recommend you to join our e-learning program free of charge. It includes short videos, interesting tips & facts as well as hands-on exercises and short quizzes.

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