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Frequently asked questions & answers

With the Mecuris Solution Platform, you are choosing a flexible and intuitive software solution that will help you optimize your internal processes and make them more efficient. But with every great decision comes questions. We are here to answer them for you. Choose from the categories below or scroll down to see all questions & answers.

General questions about the software

Allgemein Fragen

Do I need to install the Mecuris software on my PC or laptop?

💬 No, the Mecuris Solution Platform (MSP) is web-based and does not require local software installation. You only need a computer, a stable internet connection, and ideally a mouse with a scroll wheel. So, you can stay mobile even when you're on the go. Here, you will get started in a few simple steps.

Which internet browser should I ideally use?

💬 We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for MSP. It's essential to keep your browser up to date for security reasons and regularly clear your cache.

Do I need special hardware for the platform?

💬In principle, all you need is a computer (dual-core processor), a mouse, and a stable internet connection. We recommend a large screen (resolution > 1000 pixels) and a mouse with a scroll function for precise work.

Do I need special knowledge in 3D technology or software to use MSP?

💬 Apart from basic knowledge of common computer programs (Windows or iOS, depending on what you use), you don't need any specific expertise in 3D technologies. We always strive to make our software user-friendly and intuitive.

Where can I find a detailed description of the digital tools?

💬 We have summarized the steps in the user manual. You can find this guide directly on the Mecuris Solution Platform in the Service section. Additionally, you'll find an overview of all helpful keyboard shortcuts available for download. On every page in the Help section, you'll also find how-tos, information about keyboard shortcuts, interactive tours, etc. For comprehensive onboarding, there's a free on-demand E-Learning available.

Downloads, Speicher & Upgrade

Downloads, data storage & upgrade options

What are downloads?

💬 Using the software is free. You can conveniently download corrected scans, files of modeled shapes, or ready-to-print orthoses in .stl/.obj format. You can use these files for documentation or send them to the internal/external printer or milling machine. The Free subscription allows for 5 downloads per month.

What are download packages?

💬 Download packages (containing 10 or 100 downloads) can be added to your plan at any time. These downloads do not expire at the end of the month and are used only after your plan's downloads are exhausted. 

Where can I find my downloads?

💬 Your downloads are automatically saved in the download folder on your computer when you download them and in the download history on your MSP account. You can always see your available download quota in the top menu bar.

Is there an overview of remaining downloads?

💬 You can find an overview of available downloads in the top menu bar and in your account settings. When you go to your personal settings, you can see how your download quota is composed, either based on your subscribed plan and/or additional download packages.

Does a downloaded file that is subsequently edited and re-downloaded count as a new download?

💬 Yes, each download you make is counted as such.

If I download a model in different stages, does each download count separately?

💬 Yes, each download counts separately.

I was promised additional downloads - how do I get them?

💬 You will receive additional free downloads during various promotions (e.g., successful completion of the E-Learning). These will be credited to your account within a few days.

What happens to unused downloads at the end of the month?

💬 All downloads purchased in a download package do not expire. The downloads in your subscription (Free, Basic, or Advanced) renew monthly but do not accumulate.

Can I combine all plans and download packages as I like?

💬 Yes, you can combine any plan with as many download packages as you need.

How does my digital data storage work?

💬 As with any program, we recommend saving your work regularly. Suppose you need to interrupt your digital work spontaneously, for example, to attend to a patient. In that case, you can save your work as a finished file or in the current process directly in your data storage on the Mecuris Solution Platform. Of course, you can also store other digital files, such as 3D scans, there, keeping all patient files digital and centralized in one place.

What happens to my storage at the end of my billing month?

💬 Nothing happens initially. Unlike downloads, your data storage volume does not renew and remains as it is. If you run out of digital data storage space, you can delete files you no longer need or switch to a higher subscription with more storage capacity.

What can I do if my data storage is full?

💬 In this case, we recommend upgrading to a higher subscription or deleting files that are no longer needed to make room for new ones.

What happens to my data if I switch from a subscription with higher data storage capacity to a lower one, but I already have more data in my storage than the lower subscription allows?

💬 In this case, you will not be able to access your data until you have deleted enough to bring your storage usage within the limits of your chosen subscription.

How long do my data stay in storage? Will they be deleted at some point?

💬 No, your data will remain available in your data storage as long as your account exists on the Mecuris Solution Platform. If you leave the Mecuris Solution Platform, your data will be deleted as well. If you delete files from your data storage on your own, they will be permanently deleted.

How secure are my data?

💬 Only you can access your data. Make sure to log out of the Mecuris Solution Platform after each use to prevent unauthorized access to your account. For more details about storage, please refer to our blog post.

Account, pricing & billing

Konto, Preise & Abrechnung

How much does it cost to use the software?

💬 After successfully registering for free on the Mecuris Solution Platform, you automatically start with our Free plan, which includes 5 monthly downloads. You can increase your download quota by switching to a paid subscription or adding a paid download package through your account settings.
(See also questions about downloads)

What is free, and what do I need to pay for?

💬 The use of individual tools and workflows is free. Downloading a file created by you (e.g., a hand corrected in posture or a digitally modeled purpose shape) incurs charges. Your available download quota depends on your chosen subscription or download package and can be viewed in the Service section of the Mecuris Solution Platform.

Where can I find the software prices?

💬 You can find our price list in the Service section of the Mecuris Solution Platform or here on our homepage.

What is the difference between a subscription and a package?

💬 With a subscription, you have a certain number of downloads available each month, which renew monthly. In contrast, download packages do not expire at the end of the month; they remain available until the downloads included in the package are used up. You can add download packages to your plan at any time.

How do I change my plan?

💬 You can change your plan or your download packages in the settings directly on the Mecuris Solution Platform. Simply click on Settings and then on Prices.

How do I receive my invoice?

💬 You will receive your invoice once a month via email.

What payment methods can I use?

💬 We offer various payment methods, including credit card, SEPA direct debit, Klarna, giropay, Alipay, WeChat, and more. Payment options may vary by country. You can also make payments via bank transfer.

What happens if I accidentally pay a higher or lower amount?

💬 If you pay an amount that exceeds the required payment, the excess amount will be retained and applied to your subsequent transactions. If there are no further transactions, the excess amount will be refunded to you.

Who can I contact for questions about my invoice or billing process?

💬 You can reach us via email at


Mecuris Academy

What is the Mecuris Academy?

💬 We want to accompany you on your journey into digitization. To do this, we have prepared a range of free learning content for you, including webinars on various topics and an interactive e-learning program. Learn more about the Mecuris Academy here.

Should I use my business email when signing up for various content?

💬 To align the learning content optimally with you, it's important to use the business email address you also used for registration on the MSP. If you need assistance, this information allows us to help you quickly and efficiently.

Is the Mecuris E-Learning program free of charge?

💬 Yes, our e-learning program is free for you. You only need an account on the Mecuris Solution Platform. Learn more about e-learning here.

What benefits does the media library offer me?

💬 Do you want to start your digital journey but don't know where or how to begin? Our free media library provides practical videos bundled for an initial overview. Learn more about the media library here.

What are the webinars about?

💬 We are continuously offering new webinars on various topics, covering not only digital processing with the Mecuris Solution Platform but also topics like printing materials, hybrid manufacturing, practical cases, and more. All webinars initially take place live and are subsequently available as recordings. Find all webinars here.

What is the "Invest in the Future" programme?

💬 "Invest in the Future" is a digital format for schools and universities. The aim is to bring the next generation of orthopedic technicians up to date with interactive and practical online seminars. If you are interested in this approach with interactive and practice-oriented online seminars, please take a look here.

I would like a personal training - who should I contact?

💬 We are happy to support you and your employees with individual coaching, taking the time to answer your questions about scanning, digital work, or additive manufacturing. After a needs analysis, we will define the relevant focal points and use cases together. Find more information here.

Infomationen zur Fertigung

Information on manufacturing

Where can I learn more about digital manufacturing, materials, costs, etc.?

💬 You can leave our digital workshop at various points and decide for yourself how to produce the end product. After modeling, you can, for example, choose to mill (or have it milled) the purpose shape or print (or have it printed) and produce it traditionally. After designing the orthosis, you can use various printing techniques/materials for manufacturing. For an optimal introduction, we recommend our 20-minute free webinar "Digital Manufacturing." Learn more on our webinar page.

Where can I find a selection of potential printing/milling service providers?

💬 We offer an overview of possible manufacturing service providers for your end product on the Mecuris Solution Platform in the Service section. There, you can specify what, how, and where you want to manufacture. We provide these contacts as a service - Mecuris does not receive any commission.

What is the best way to create my digital orthosis?

💬 You have created and downloaded your orthosis file with the Mecuris3D Creator. To additively manufacture it, we recommend high-quality, industrial 3D printing methods such as the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) process. However, FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers now deliver very good results at significantly lower prices and offer an easier way to do this in-house. 

Which methods are suitable for producing a high-quality orthosis?

💬 SLS (Selective Laser Sintering - powder-based manufacturing using a laser) or MJF (Multi Jet Fusion - powder-based manufacturing using an infrared lamp) are suitable methods. However, good FDM printers with materials like polypropylene (PP), for example, already deliver very good results.

What methods are suitable for producing a positive model?

💬 CNC milling (milling using a CNC machine; CNC = Computerized Numerical Control) or FDM printing (Fused Deposition Modeling - filament printing) are suitable methods.

Does Mecuris handle 3D printing for me?

💬 No, Mecuris only provides the Mecuris Solution Platform for creation. With this software, you can create your 3D model.

Where can I find more information and tips?

💬 We have compiled all information regarding digital manufacturing for you on this site. If you have questions about manufacturing, feel free to contact Elena Lopez via email at If you are interested in becoming a manufacturing service provider on the Mecuris Solution Platform, please contact Tara Nicoll via email at

Contact & further information


How do I stay up-to-date about Mecuris?

💬 You find all news about the Mecuris Solution Platform in our changelog. Platform users will also get relevant software news by e-mail. If you would also like to receive news about Mecuris (new webinars, jobs,..) directly in your inbox, sign up for our newsletter.

How can I contact a service representative?

💬 Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm (CET) on +49 89 2000 57 300. If you are located within the US, please call: (+1) 888 683 4886 (toll free). Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact form.

Do you follow us on our social media channels?

💬 Are you interested in exciting live pictures and videos from Mecuris? Then follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. By the way, we are always happy if you link us in your work or send us pictures for our channels (tag us in your posts or send an email to

We'll get you ready to go!

For more questions about the software or how you can use it for your clinic, please book a personal meeting. In addition, we offer you many additional options on the platform itself to get started quickly and successfully:

MSP Screen_Help.png

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started using our software and working digitally.

Therefore, after registration, we invite you to get to know all the basic functions of the software in an interactive introductory tour "Create an orthosis in 15 minutes". In addition, short tours, tips & tricks are available to you at any time in the help center.

One solution for all.

Posture correction, digital plaster room, customized design - the Mecuris Solution Platform offers you three valuable tools your workspace has been waiting for.

Start with the Free Plan (includes 5 monthly downloads)

Videos, tips & step-by-step instructions are always at hand

Stay flexible: you decide how digital/traditional you work

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