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Invest In The Future:
The future of O&P is yours.

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First scan, then configure, then print - the future of orthopedic technology holds so many possibilities. And the best part? The next generation of orthopedic technicians can already be part of it, experience it and shape it.

Invest In The Future:
Online seminars for (master)students of O&P

That's why we cordially invite the (master) students of orthopaedic technician schools to get to know our approach to the digitalization of orthopaedic technology first-hand. In this interactive & hands-on seminar, we make the digital process chain tangible, are available to answer questions and give a preview of what's to come.

3D Scanning in O&P

3D scanning an integral part of the curriculum? Unfortunately in the most schools not yet. That's why we step in and show  the future certified prosthetists orthotists what technical possibilities are there and how to achieve the perfect scan.

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The digital workshop 

We give students a hands-on look at the tools they can use to digitally configure orthoses in the digital workshop - the Mecuris Solution Platform.


Students will learn everything about 3D printing - we will show all the production steps & which materials can be used to produce medical products in the highest quality using the 3D printing process.

Are you interested?

Are you a teacher in the field of orthopedic technology and would like to offer your students the opportunity to gain an insight into the process chain?

Then get in touch with us & we will find a suitable time slot together.

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