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Get free CEU's by learning about digital O&P.

Reinvent Orthotics & Prosthetics through Mecuris!

Explore the world of possibilities with our E-Learning program, featuring ABC-approved courses, and discover how to harness Mecuris technology:

  • Design groundbreaking digital models with customized tools

  • Craft customized 3D printed solutions for your patients

  • Utilize digital workflow to improve your clinical effieciency

Welcome to Mecuris, your partner in advanced Orthotics and Prosthetics innovation. Our cutting-edge cloud-based digital modification and design software solutions awaits your creativity. Engineered for maximum flexibilit, Mecuris integrates digital processes that are easy to follow, which effortlessly enhances your fabrication capabilities. Step into the future of O&P with Mecuris. Your journey towards efficiency and excellence starts here.

Key Features:

Streamlined Integration: Seamlessly combine digital & traditional methods

Intuitive Usability: Effortlessly optimize your business operations

Digital Workflow: Reduce fabrication time and improve precision

Join us in the world of digital O&P and broaden your skillset! Check out our various on-demand webinars on digital O&P and the E-Learning program to our Software to earn your Continuing Education Units (CEU)* accredited by the Amercian Board for Certification (ABC).

At Mecuris, our service are tailored for:

  • Orthotists/Prosthetists (CPO)

  • O&P Technicians

  • O&P Assistants


Our on-demand webinars: anytime, anywhere.

Discover the tools and functions of the

Mecuris Solution Platform in our basic webinar! Learn how to create an orthosis in just 30 minutes using an AFO as an example. We'll show you how to digitally correct the joint angle of a patient scan, how to create individual positive models, and how to define your orthosis design.

How to Create an AFO Ready for 3D Printing

Together with PPPrint - your partner for highest quality PP-filament - we show you how polypropylene is used for individual O&P products. First we create a SMO (Supra-Malleorla Orthosis) with the digital tools of our software. Then we share insights on how to use PP in a FDM printing process. We'll also cover a cost analysis.

Using 3D Printing with Polypropylene (PP) to Create Durable Orthotic Devices

Use the Mecuris software for more complex orthoses! In this webinar you will learn, how to digitally correct the joint angles & how to modify a positive model for complex orthoses. You'll learn how to smooth, mask and offset the ankle and heel & create a forefoot extension.

Modeling of a Whole Leg Orthosis (KAFO)

CPO Richard Miltenberger will show you how to create a TLSO (thoracic-lumbo-sacral orthosis) with the Mecuris Solution Platform. You'll learn how to upload a scan into the Mecuris3D Modeling tool, modify the positive model of the torso (reducing certain sections etc.) & how to create the orthosis by setting i.e. trimlines & perforation holes.

How to Create a Spinal Brace Ready for 3D Printing

Hear the story of Joe Johnson, Clinician & CEO of Quorum Prosthetics. Learn more about chasing the perfect socket and Quorum's take on digitalization in O&P.

In addition, our CPO Richard will show you in a 20 minute DeepDive how to use the Mecuris Solution Platform to modify a positive model of a residual limb.

Residual Limb Modeling together with Quorum Prosthetics

DD - Carbon AFO - EN - Mac Screen.png

Create a Carbon AFO with a Digital Workflow together with Gary Wall

60 min 

1,25 CEUs

Join Richard Miltenberger and Gary Wall (both CPOs) and learn how you can combine digital methods like scanning and CAD design with manufacturing a pre-preg (type of carbon fiber technology) AFO in the lab.

Create a Carbon AFO with a Digital Workflow together with Gary Wall


Mecuris E-Learning: Get started on the Mecuris Solution Platform and reward yourself with CEU's!

To get you started in the fastest possible way, we set up an on-demand E-Learning program for you. This program is free of charge and accredited by ABC. It contains four modules. Each module includes several lessons with hands-on videos and practical tips. At the end of each module you have to complete a quiz to continue with the next module. In these quizzes you enter your ABC certification number (ABC awards credits on a monthly basis - we will submit your test results to ABC at the end of each month).


You can earn up to 8 CEU's in total if you choose all available modules:

Module 1

3D Scanning

3D Scanning in different positions, specialties when scanning children, and different scanner options - what are the best options?We provide practical examples and give you expert tips.


1,75 CEUs

Module 2


Module 3


Digitally creating positive models of any kind - whether applying material, smoothing certain areas, merging something,.. Learn how to make the most of digital tools. 

Converting finished positive models into digital orthosis blanks in mere minutes: Determining wall thickness, setting a cutting line & patterns - we show you how it's done.

2,75 CEUs

1,75 CEUs

Module 4


Providing you with all the information you need to know about 3D printing in orthopedic technology. We'll show you different materials, techniques and manufacturing partners.

1,75 CEUs

Do you have questions?

Do you have any open questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to our colleague Tara R. Nicoll, Head of Business Development.

We keep you up to date on new CEU content!


*What is a CEU?

A CEU (continuing education unit) is a measurement unit used in the United States in education and training programs. In some professions in the U.S. it is required to earn a certain number of CEUs per five-year continuing education cycle to maintain the license to practice.


If you are a Orthotist/Prosthetist, O&P Assistant, O&P Technician or a Pedorthist you can earn some CEU's with our online content. Click here for more infos why you need CEU's and see here our other ABC accredited courses. 

ABC awards credits on a monthly basis, your test results - that you will have to complete at the end of a webinar - will be submitted to ABC at the end of each month.

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