Mecuris ComfyStep

The first 3D-printed prosthetic foot that is optimized for a smooth rollover shape

The ComfyStep has the potential to become the first 3D printed prosthetic foot to be digitally optimized for the wearer's individual rolling behaviour and thus walking behaviour.  It is therefore a showcase product for what is possible in digital product development in prosthetics.  

However, it will still take time before the ComfyStep reaches its full potential. Especially because the (printing/measuring) technology itself has to catch up with our ideas and requirements for it. This time we want to give the ComfyStep: We will continue to develop it further and are already looking forward to presenting this product to you when it completely fulfils its potential.

Mecuris ComfyStep - The everyday foot for K 2 & 3

The idea behind the ComfyStep

We are constantly striving to optimize our products according to our wearers’ needs. For the ComfyStep - our first foot for wearers with lower activity levels - we defined the following goal: we want to provide a round roll-over curve, which results in a noticeable relief of the joints and a pleasant standing feeling.

3D-printing combined with digital analysis allowed us to create to perfect functionality for our target group. We also define high safety standards for our products - thus our wearers can rely on the ComfyStep throughout its lifetime.

Most modern technology in a discreet appearance

The ComfyStep is designed so that it starts the rollover process as early as the heel strike. Its innovative design - based on an integrated spring system with a split forefoot spring - enables this particularly round rollover shape and also offers a large range of movement in the ankle area. This ensures a comfortable stance phase with a constant feeling of stability, even on uneven terrain.

All this combined, the ComfyStep provides a natural walking and standing feeling at lower speeds or when standing for long periods of time. Users describe this as particularly pleasant and relieving for knees and hips.

Due to its construction and performance, the foot is suitable for both transtibial and transfemoral amputees. The ComfyStep is supplied with a foot cosmetic - consisting of a light shell and a Spectra sock. The foot shell provides a discreet look and the non-slip sole provides additional support even on wet surfaces.

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