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The first 3D-printed prosthetic foot that is optimized for a smooth rollover shape


​ComfyStep is printed in one part with four interlocking spring elements to reduce the need for maintenance. The split-toe offers high stability and safety - even on uneven terrain. It plays its strengths to all those who are looking for a foot for slow to moderate speeds or long periods of standing - whether at work or in their leisure time.

​Natural feeling during walking and standing

The innovative design of the ComfyStep provides a smooth rollover-shape and a large range of ankle motion (dorsi- and plantarflexion angles).


Our design allows an early toe touch by lowering the forefoot at heel-strike. The fact that the ComfyStep consists of a single part aims to provide a continuous energy transfer from heel-strike to toe-off. Thus, wearers can experience a more natural feeling during walking at lower speeds. Due to its construction and performance, the foot is suitable for both transtibial and transfemoral amputees,

Discreet appearance

The ComfyStep is delivered with a black Spectra sock and a cosmetic foot shell that give the foot the most natural look. We offer the ComfyStep in sizes between 23-29 cm. Wearer´s maximum weight is approved up to 125 kg.

Impressions and stories about the Mecuris ComfyStep:

Smooth rollover

The prosthesis is designed to initiate the rollover immediately upon heelstrike and provides smooth progression to terminal stance without additional energy from the wearer. In addition, the precise control over the foot is perceived by wearers as positive in their own walking comfort: "The foot walks when it is supposed to walk and stands when it is supposed to stand" describes a test wearer.

The rollover-curve was optimized specifically for Mob 2 & 3 wearers with moderate walking speeds. Our testers confirm that the behavior of the foot is ideal for small to medium steps. There is no need for a hard heel strike to load the foot with a lot of energy.

We take feedback from our customers and users very seriously. This enables us to further optimize our products. In the ComfyStep's further development, we want to address individual preferences for the rollover curve starting in autumn. 

Mecuris ComfyStep at a glance:

Mecuris’ ComfyStep is particularly suitable for:

The advantages of Mecuris’ ComfyStep:

Facts about ordering, printing, quality, prices and technical instructions:


Customized prosthesis in just three steps

Mecuris’ ComfyStep is configured on the Mecuris Solution Platform, your digital workshop.

For the ComfyStep4U*, you can create your personalized ComfyStep based on the wearers functional preferences without any previous knowledge in 3D-Design. You. Create.

Mecuris Solution Platform

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The 3D-printing process

We manufacture the ComfyStep using a high-quality 3D-printing process, selective laser sintering. The properties of the high-performance plastic - PA 12 - are well suited for production and meet our high safety and quality requirements.

Our commitment to quality

We place the highest quality standards on our prosthetic feet. When optimizing for the rollover-shape, we rely heavily on the findings of countless computer simulations, short-term and long-term tests.
The ComfyStep is wearing the CE-mark and is ISO-certified.

Facts and figures for the CPO

The Mecuris Solution Platform provides you with all the latest information on our products and of course you can order all of our products right there:

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How do you get a ComfyStep?

An individual 3D-printed aid is configured by a CPO on the Mecuris Solution Platform.
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