Mecuris BK-Cover 

100% customized BK-cover for lower leg prostheses to show your individuality and live your uniqueness

The Mecuris Cover - an individually designed prosthetic cosmetic - is the world's first 3D-printed and freely configurable prosthetic cover. Unlike conventional prosthetic cosmetics or 3D-printed competitor products, the Mecuris cover can be designed as uniquely and unmistakably like the wearer itself: several hundred combinations are created simply by the wide selection of colors and patterns on the Mecuris Solution Platform. An infinite number of possibilities are available by choosing your own pictures and texts.

The advantages:

> More than 300 design combinations possible

> Natural leg and calf shape

> Perfect fit to the prosthesis

> High-quality, millimeter-precise laser sintering for long durability

> Contribution of own design preferences

> Easy coordination with wearers through instant preview in 3D

Natural leg shape thanks to 3D scan data

Our goal is to achieve the most natural possible image of the amputated lower leg with prosthetic cosmetics. The basis for this is a 3D scan of the prosthesis and ideally also a scan of the second leg. In this way we achieve an optimal fit to the prosthesis as well as a symmetrical counterpart to the natural lower leg. 

Colors, shapes and patterns

CPOs and wearers work together to design the cover conveniently online on the Mecuris Solution Platform in just a few clicks. There are no limits to creativity: in addition to a given selection of shapes and surface structures, there is also the possibility to create your own patterns, images or texts on the cover. In combination with the natural leg shape, the cover thus becomes a real design piece and expression of one's own personality.

The Mecuris Cover - Design Examples

Impressions and stories about the Mecuris cover:

Individual prosthetic cover to show who you are

For one of our first customers, the added value of 3D-printed prosthesis cover is the completely new aesthetics of his prosthesis. He describes his own co-created prosthesis cosmetics: 

"Previous prosthesis covers try to come as close as possible to the natural leg. The individual covers allow you to design the prosthesis to your personal style - in my case a tattoo template. In my experience, the artistically designed covers make people approach you more openly. The first feeling of compassion often turns into admiration".

Since then, no skin-coloured standard cover has touched his prosthetic leg.

Mecuris BK-Cover at a glance

For whom is the Mecuris cover suitable?

Technical data of the Mecuris Cover:

Facts about ordering, printing, quality, prices and technical instructions:

Individual prosthesis covers in just a few clicks

The Mecuris prosthesis cover is customized by the CPO together with the wearer in just three steps using the Mecuris Solution Platform.
Try it now. Mecuris – You. Create.

The 3D printing process

The production of the final print file occurs in ISO-certified 3D printing centres in Germany. This printing technique guarantees a production to the millimeter, the basis for the perfect fit of the Mecuris cover. This is the foundation for the perfect fit of the Mecuris cover on the joint to the prosthetic tube and socket. 

Facts and figures for the medical professional

On top of the possibility to design and order products on the Mecuris Solution Platform you will also find all relevant information there: 

> Prices 

> Technical instructions 

> Dimension sheets

Try it out now.

Technical data of the Mecuris Cover:

I am a wearer and want one of your covers.

How do I get them?

Your CPO will configure and order a 3D-printed Mecuris-Cover on the Mecuris Solution Platform. There you will have the chance to find your individual design together with him/her.

Technical data of the Mecuris Cover:


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